Oct 10, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Another Alleged Roswell Witness Account Surfaces with Alien Details

There’s rarely a dull moment in the life of a paranormal news writer. Some weeks it’s time travelers. Other weeks it’s rock stars seeing UFOs. This week it’s Roswell witnesses. That may seem strange since the alleged crash of a spaceship in Roswell, New Mexico, occurred in 1947 and those who were or may have been involved are either deceased or well into their 90s. Yet earlier this week, recordings surfaced of what was said to be a student assistant to Albert Einstein who claimed to have accompanied him to multiple buildings in New Mexico where she claimed they saw a damaged spacecraft, five alien corpses and one living but injured alien. As people who remember fountain pens used to say, the ink was barely dry on that story when a new one surfaced – supposedly from the son of an alleged military witness to the crashed spaceship and dead aliens.

recovered alien bodies
Did they look like this?

The story comes from the Mystery Planet website and is prefaced with an explanation that the original source is a 2010 letter to the late ufologist Stanton Friedman it obtained from his personal archive after this summer’s exhibition at the Fredericton Region Museum in honor of Friedman. The letter -- dated January 26, 2010 – was said to be from Shawn (last name redacted) who claimed his father was a member of the 414th Fighter Group who was brought in to see the alleged spaceship and alien corpses. ‘Shawn’ claimed his father related the story to him in 1973 – 26 years after the incident. It’s a long letter (read it here) so here are some key quotes:

“My father said they were flying “hot” (armed), and it reminded him of fighter and bomber operations during the war. He said everything was definitely out of the ordinary. When he asked what was going on, an MP told him a rocket had crash-landed on the US soil. They landed at an air base in New Mexico and took trucks and jeeps to a remote piece of land.”


“The General knew of my father’s familiarity with advanced jet aircraft, and he asked my father to take a look at the wreckage and “see what he could make of it. My father said the wreckage was unlike anything he had ever seen before.”


“After examining the remains, my father reported to the general, “Kell, it is not one of ours, that’s for sure.” Asked whether he thought it was a rocket or a jet, he replied, “Neither.” The general asked my father if he thought the Russians had done it, and my father replied, “No, unless those inscriptions inside are in Russian.”

The wreckage was loaded onto two C-54s which left for Fort Worth with combat escorts … and aliens.

“Three small bodies packed in ice were loaded aboard his plane. They told him that they were the crew of the crashed ship. The ice was melting and, according to my father, the bodies were decomposing and smelled bad. He was able to examine the bodies and obviously thought they were not from this planet. This is what he told me about what he observed:


They were humanoid, with a head, two arms, two legs, two eyes, a mouth, a nose.
They had no ears or teeth.
They were small and fragile with unusually large heads.
They had large eyes but no lids.
They did not have genitalia.
They had six fingers on each hand.
They had skin that looked like that of a shark.
They were the perfect size and shape to fit the formed metal reclining seats he had seen among the wreckage.”

‘Shawn’ says his father kept in contact with military personnel involved with the alien spacecraft and crew, and found out it was saucer-shaped, writing on it was never deciphered, wiring was invisible to the naked eye, its materials seem to have been cultivated at the molecular level rather than manufactured, and more. Of the aliens, he says they were bioengineered robots that were fully integrated into the ship itself. They were also the source of its propulsion via “advanced form of telekinesis”. The ship appeared to have been hit by lightning, another intact ship was found, but neither could be reverse-engineered, nor could the aliens be cloned. It was also determined the ships traveled through time.

According to ‘Shawn’, his father swore him to secrecy but just before he died gave him a set of documents from what he said was a RAMP project on the propulsion system. While ‘Shawn’ could confirm that his father was associated with the Army Air Force (AAF), he could not validate the documents nor the story. It doesn’t appear that Mystery Planet could either, nor was it able to find a response to the letter, if it existed, from Stan Friedman – someone who would probably have at least acknowledged the letter.

Stanton Friedman1
Stanton Friedman

One last observation from Mystery Planet that may shed some light on what to make of this story – parts of it are similar to that of Colonel Philip J. Corso, author of "The Day After Roswell," about his alleged involvement in the research of the Roswell Incident, who also claimed the aliens were bioengineered and responsible for the ship’s propulsion.

Corso’s story has been long debated. This letter probably won’t be – unless ‘Shawn’ comes forward with the alleged secret documents.

If these things come in threes, get ready for one more Roswell story soon.

Paul Seaburn

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