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ETs Control Facebook, Tesla Beer, Gut Brains and More Mysterious News Briefly — October 11, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — October 11, 2021

A mysterious glow over Europe recorded by astronauts aboard the International Space Station last month has been identified as a “transient luminous event” -- lightning in the upper atmosphere in altitudes far above where it normally flashes. The ISS can see that but it still can’t tell you if it’s going to rain on your picnic tomorrow.

Sian Proctor, pilot for the first all-tourist crew to orbit the Earth, now admits her first two days on board SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft were spent suffering the effects of space sickness. Captain Kirk/William Shatner will only be weightless for 10 minutes but it’s inevitable he’ll be looking for Dr. McCoy to give him an Imodium.

Scientists at the University of Bremen using atoms created for a few seconds the coldest temperature ever recorded, reaching just 38 trillionth of a degree warmer than absolute zero or -459.67°F. Do cold atoms spoon?

A new species of horned dinosaur deemed the 'long lost' relative of the triceratops by a team of scientists from the University of Bath has been named Sierraceratops turneri in honor of CNN founder Ted Turner, who owns the area of Sierra County, New Mexico, where it roamed about 72 million year ago. Was its natural enemy a giant fox?

Putting yet another nail into the Columbus coffin, new analysis of ancient writings found in Milan suggests that sailors from the hometown of Christopher Columbus knew of America 150 years before he 'discovered' it – calling what is believed to be the Atlantic coast of what is now Newfoundland 'Markland'/ 'Marckalada'. Unfortunately, their chance of getting a statue is gone.

Psychic Uri Gellar claims that extraterrestrials were responsible for the recent Facebook outages which affected 3.5 billion users across the world. A more impressive proof of ETs would be 3.5 billion simultaneous spoon bendings.

At the Tesla Giga Berlin’s County Fair, Elon Musk hinted he was developing a new alcoholic beverage called “GigaBier” that will be delivered in a bottle with sharp lines and angles like the Cybertruck all-electric pickup truck. Just what the world needs – another reason to get ‘pissed’ at Elon Musk.

From the ‘What could possibly go wrong?’ file comes news from the UK of tests that purported show how firing a bolt of artificial lightning (plasma) at animal manure can break up ammonia and climate-heating methane – thus eliminating the toxic stink of manure and waste slurry. If you see a blue portable potty launching into space, you know someone is trying to turn this into a bathroom air freshener.

A new study by researchers at Michigan State University shows how the human gut has an enteric nervous system which acts like an independent "second brain" and may help in finding new ways to help treat irritable bowel syndrome, gut motility disorders such as constipation, and a rare disorder known as chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction. If it’s a brain, why doesn’t it warn you not to eat greasy fried foods before bed?

The remains of a V2 rocket fired by Nazi Germany at London during World War II on Feb. 14, 1945, have been unearthed in a field near Platt in South East England where it crashed and exploded before reaching its target. Back then, this UFO was an Unidentified Fuhrer’s Object.

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