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Graveyard or Cemetery, Halloween’s Exorcism Bump, TikTok Number Sequences and More Mysterious News Briefly — October 28, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — October 28, 2021

Just in time for Halloween, Huffington Post explains that a graveyard is area of land, often next to a church, where people are buried, while a cemetery is a burial ground that is independent of a church. Does that mean you should whistle different tunes depending on which one you’re passing by?

Mothman makes the big time in a Smithsonian Magazine story about how it is “a leader in the cryptid revival of the last twenty years.” It could become the first ‘being’ to be in both the Mothman Museum and the Smithsonian … unless Jerry Seinfeld comes out as a flying shapeshifter.

Monsignor Stephen J. Rossetti, psychologist and exorcist for the Archdiocese of Washington D.C., says there’s an annual increase in calls for exorcisms on and around Halloween and warns to watch out because demons travel in packs under “princes” of hell like “Beezlebub or Baphomet.” You can tell the crowd at your door is not trick-or-treaters but a pack of demons if they all demand candy corn instead of chocolate bars.

NASA scientists are warning that a series of eruptions at the edge of the Sun caused by sunspots or a concentration of magnetic activity will be directly facing Earth starting on November 1 and they’re not sure what will happen next. A good guess would be a rush by the clueless to hoard aluminum foil.

New research published in the journal Psychological Science suggests that people who enjoy recreational drug use and noncommittal sex are genetically predisposed to those behaviors. Those who also enjoy rock and roll may find themselves genetically disposed to playing drums and throwing TVs out of hotel windows. (Ask your grandpa.)

The number of people following a TikTok video and writing number sequences in specific colors on their body in order to lose weight (4812412), get rich (5207418) or make new friends (44297046) is now in the millions. Word of warning – writing “8675309” on your arm will only bring a lot of annoying guys calling you Jenny.

The world’s first video footage of a polar bear hunting and eating a reindeer is an indication that climate change is melting the polar ice and pushing polar bears away from seals and their normal aquatic foods and towards land animals. Warning to reindeer – you may want to put some black tape on that red nose.

A study of space travelers found that humans can ‘grow’ up to three inches in space as their spines relax in microgravity, resulting in 80 percent of them having back pain when they return to Earth. William Shatner may have grounds to sue Jeff Bezos because he’s still short.

It’s a good thing each season is over – new research finds young white sharks, which are responsible for the majority of attacks on people, can't distinguish between humans and seals. Could this be the plot for an origin movie on the great white from ‘Jaws’?

The Mary Rose -- King Henry VIII’s favorite warship which sank in 1545 and was raised in 1982 --  is being slowly destroyed by tiny, acidic specks of iron and sulphur compounds which need to be removed before it crumbles to dust. Somewhere in the afterlife, Henry is demanding the head of whoever raised it.

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