Oct 31, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

The Royal Australian Air Force Declares It Will Not Investigate UFOs

Are UFOs/UAPs something only the governments of the U.S., China, Russia, the U.K. and some South American countries are concerned with? One might suspect that after the head of the Royal Australian Air Force stood before his country’s parliament and said his pilots don’t encounter UFOs and his department has no plans to investigate them. This comes just months after he unveiled the RAAF’s new space command. If they’re not looking for UFOs and ETs, what will they be doing?

"I'm not familiar with, nor have seen any reports or information regarding UAPs in an Australian airspace context, and there's no air force-led task force that looks into this phenomenon."

Under questioning by Australian Greens Party Senator Peter Whish-Wilson of Tasmania, RAAF Chief Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld admitted he has not received a UFO report like the one released this summer by the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). Even more surprising or someone in his position, Hupfeld said he was not “formally aware” of the report other than what he got from the media. Really? Was he under oath? If Hupfeld is more concerned about security in space against other humans, he didn’t indicate that when he announced the Australian space command in June.

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Ready for anything but UFOs

"Space is a war-fighting domain but we're not going to militarize space. What we will be looking to do if there is someone who doesn't (follow international rules) is point it out.”

Was he saying Australia’s space command will act as a space cop … or a space snitch? Australia’s congress sounds like it’s more concerned with UFOs. He was asked Australia's Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) could detect UAPs. (JORN is an over-the-horizon radar network for monitoring air and sea movements across 37,000 sq. km (14,285 sq. miles) with a 3,000 km (1864 miles) range.)

"It's not possible for me to determine whether the JORN would see something like an unusual airborne phenomenon, without knowing the construction materials and other performance parameters of such an object, if indeed it was an object."

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RAAF logo

That is not the kind of answer American politicians would accept from their military leaders – that he can’t tell if radar will pick something up until he knows what it’s made of … you can’t know what it’s made of because it’s unidentified! And yet … abc.net.au reports that Foreign Minister Marise Payne gave a joking response to this discussion of UAPs.

"I can say with some confidence that, after over two decades of participating in the Senate estimates process, this is the first occasion on which, in any capacity, I have had the opportunity to observe a conversation and a question-and-answer session on such an issue. So, thank you for bringing it to our attention."

Is the Australian government and its military really not concerned about UFOs, UAPs and the possibility that they could be piloted by non-humans? While this sounds unbelievable to those in the U.S. who have been bombarded with UFO discussions by the Pentagon, military pilots, the media and members of Congress – not to mention former presidents – it begs the question: “Why aren’t they concerned? Do they know something we don’t?”

Is the Australian military covering up something about UFOs and UAPs? Or is ours?

Paul Seaburn

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