Oct 30, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Two FedEx Pilots Record UFO Near Monterrey, Mexico, and the Incident Was Analyzed

You can’t turn on the news without hearing about supply chain issues causing shortages and slowdowns around the world. While we assume this is impacting humans, could it also be affecting extraterrestrials? A video of an orb-like UFO taken by two FedEx pilots may be proof – they claim the UFO shined a beam at their plane. Checking for toilet paper? The video has been analyzed by an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena research organization and its conclusion may be surprising.

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Pilots are seeing more orbs -- but are they reporting them?

“The incident began when the First Officer, looking across to the left side of the cockpit, saw a yellowish white light descend into view from above. He first believed that it was a meteor and began to say so when it suddenly stopped near the same altitude as their aircraft. The UAP/Light then projected an illuminating beam of bright, white, light on their aircraft, and appeared to take a collision heading. At this moment the Captain also saw the beam of light projected onto their aircraft from the UAP/Light. Both crewmen, in the belief that an aircraft with its landing lights on had turned onto a collision heading with their aircraft, took a defensive attitude and prepared for evasive control inputs.”

The story was reported this week by The Daily Mail but the incident actually occurred on March 19, 2020. This writer reported on the incident on 3/31/2020 and noted that the very few details beyond the video were provided. The Daily Mail now reports that it was a FedEx Boeing 767 flying from Queretaro International Airport, just north of Mexico City to Memphis, Tennessee, and the incident occurred at a cruise altitude of 37,000 ft. 150 miles south of Monterrey, Mexico. It also reports that the incident was investigated by the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP), which had access to all available data, including photographs, videos, names and the flight number – the last two it kept confidential.

“(Co-pilot) It was a brilliant yellow white plasma object teardrop shaped!”

“(Captain) Platillo…., Platillo… (saucer)”

The video and photos can be seen here. The two-person crew described the UAP as an orb with a tail. The Captain had engaged the Combined TCAS and cockpit display, activated the Airborne Collision Avoidance System SSR (Secondary Surveillance radar) system, and turned his video camera phone on the screen – that display is seen at the end of the video and confirms that the UAP was not detected by the ACAS SSR radar. NARCAP executive director Ted Roe, whose name is on the report, told The Daily Mail that the pilots' account was “very consistent with what pilots have been reporting for over 100 years” – in other words, a pulsating plasma orb. The crew was said to be experienced and the co-pilot declined to be part of the report for fear of reprisal – something Roe told The Daily Mail his organization deals with regularly.

So, what did the two FedEx pilots see on March 19, 2020?

“If the actions of the UAP/Light - approaching the aircraft from above, stopping/hovering, shining a light on the 767, and then pacing it for over 32 minutes - are considered along with its plasma generation capacity the possibility that this profile of UAP/Light is a technical device or system under intelligent control is inescapable and calls for further careful analysis.”


“This incident provides more evidence that UAP are a threat to safe aviation. The lack of preparation for aircrews, the failure to collect and analyze data for safety factors, the unpredictability and extreme mobility of UAP, the inability of airborne anti-collision systems to detect UAP, are contributing factors to an unsafe situation. It is unfortunate that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has zero interest in examining these cases and exercising due diligence to mitigate safety factors.”

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Did the pilots give up and request truck duty?

The report identifies the UAP as something under intelligent control that was a threat to the plane – a threat it believes the FAA consistently ignores by refusing to even take the reports from pilots. It should be noted that the analysis was written before the report by the Pentagon on UFOs/UAPs and its commitment to investigate them more thoroughly. This particular incident involved non-military pilots and occurred while they were in Mexican airspace, so it’s probably not high on the follow-up list. Ted Roe isn’t optimistic.

“When they (the UAP Task Force) were out looking for data, I can't imagine what it was like going into the FAA's offices, and saying 'you guys must have all this great UFO data, we need it now,' and there isn't any because they've been telling the pilots they don't take those reports.”

What did these pilots encounter? Will we ever find out? Kudos to The Daily Mail and NARCAP for keeping stories like this in the public eye.

Paul Seaburn

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