Oct 27, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Chasing Calf, Talking Plants, ‘Sexbomb’ Space Plane and More Mysterious News Briefly — October 26, 2021

Canadian aerospace company Space Engine Systems (SES) announced that in 2022 it will launch a hypersonic space plane named “Sexbomb” because, as the company president explains, “The kinetic energy at Mach 5 is very high. It will act like a bomb if [it] hits anything. It is sexy, so it is a sexbomb.” What will they call it if it fails to launch?

A mysterious radio signal detected by an Australian telescope in 2019 which seemed to be coming from the nearby star Proxima Centauri has been identified as human-made radio interference from some sort of technology on the surface of the Earth. So is “Dune,” but we’re still going to see it.

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin announced it plans to launch in the second half of the decade a space station called “Orbital Reef” that will house up to 10 people to be used as a mixed-use business park in space for microgravity research and manufacturing. Will it have a doorbell cam to prevent aliens from stealing deliveries?

A video said to have been filmed somewhere near the Argentine city of Chos-Malal shows what appears to be a hovering white ball chasing a calf as if it were trying to attack or abduct it until the orb seemed to give up and fly away. The calf didn’t look mutilated but the video may have been.

AstroAccess, a nonprofit initiative that aims to make spaceflight accessible to all, took 12 disabled passengers on a parabolic flight in Southern California in an experiment testing how people with disabilities fare in a zero-gravity environment – the participants loved it as being weightless gave them control of their bodies that gravity prevented. Another Star Trek episode becoming reality?

Astronomers from the Harvard & Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics have discovered the first exoplanet in another galaxy -- a huge dip in X-ray light from the Whirlpool Galaxy 31 million light-years away was caused by what is now called exoplanet M51-ULS-1b. Shouldn’t the first planet in the Whirlpool Galaxy be named after a household appliance?

Plant physiologists in Singapore found a way to control electrical impulses generated by plant leaves when they’re touched and used this to develop a smartphone app to help farmers ‘communicate’ with their plants and learn about damage due to pests or environmental stress. Isn’t this like giving an inmate on death row a phone and telling them to call if there’s anything bothering them?

Scientists at the University of Bologna, Italy, have invented a smart bandage equipped with a sensor to read moisture levels and send the data to a smartphone allowing doctors to see if a dressed wound is healing without taking off the bandage. Patients love it but some doctors miss the wicked thrill of ripping bandages off of hairy arms and legs.

Seismologists detected a small earthquake some 751 kilometers (467 miles) deep off the coast of Japan’s remote Bonin Islands – a depth once thought to be an impossible location for earthquakes to occur. It’s a two-fer discovery – a record-setting earthquake and the opening scene for a new sci-fi movie.

Material scientists at the University of Maryland have developed a type of hardened wood and used it to create a wooden knife that they claim is three times sharper than a stainless-steel dinner table knife, and a wooden nail that can be hammered through wood without sustaining any damage and isn’t affected by rust. If trees find out they’re armed with knives like this, it could be the end of the logging industry.

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