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Yellow Whales, Ingenuity Problems, Immortality Odds and More Mysterious News Briefly — October 1, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — October 1, 2021

A recent study from the Netherlands found that people who took a cold shower in the morning were less likely than those who took a warm shower to take time off work due to sickness, and those who hadn’t been fans before the study kept on taking cold showers after it ended. These people are called ‘single men’.

The US Army has joined forces with researchers at Houston’s Rice University to develop a lightweight “sleeping cap” to analyze the cleansing flow of fluid that drains the brain of common metabolic waste during sleep to help soldiers deal with long periods of sleeplessness. Fans of the TV show “M*A*S*H” prefer having a still in the tent.

Rare yellow whales have been sighted off the coast of southern California in recent weeks and researchers aren’t sure why they’re appearing nor what causes the goose-beaked whales to turn yellow. One thing is for certain – no one would read a book called Lemonady Dick.

Some sad news – the world's smallest cow, a 20-inch-high bovine in Bangladesh, received the honor from Guinness World Records official posthumously after it died from a build-up of gas in its stomach. To give it a proper send-off, cows in the area should have emitted a 21-fart salute.

A recently declassified State Department report blames the mysterious Havana syndrome, which is giving US diplomats and government personnel around the world headaches and brain damage, on loudly chirping crickets. Nervous diplomats tired of waiting for an official explanation may want to invest in an iguana.

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has been temporarily shut down – not just because Mars is on the opposite side of the Sun and not receiving communications but because the chopper suffered a servo motor anomaly as the weather gets cooler during the current Martian seasonal change. NASA needs to bring back some old engineers who remember how to start a car in the middle of winter without a heated garage.

For those who wonder what extraterrestrials see when they point their telescopes at us, satellite measurements show that Earth’s blue luster is dimming to the rest of the universe due to climate change reducing the number of low-lying clouds that produce the planet’s reflectance. Those ETs monitoring our communications are probably noticing a different kind of dimness for entirely different reasons.

A Florida man whose hobbies include purchasing old plaques so he can recycle their wood to create gun stocks discovered one of the plaques commemorates the Apollo 17 mission and contains a moon rock presented by then President Nixon to the state of Louisiana, so he returned it to state officials. In celebration, look for a lot of mooning at the next Mardi Gras parade.

The US Air Force and DARPA successfully test flew a Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept – a hypersonic missile whose engine takes in and compresses the surrounding air to use as a propellant allowing it to travel at five times the speed of sound. Somewhere there’s an ET Tic Tac pilot saying, “Hold my foaming adult beverage and watch this.”

A new study shows that the risk of death in humans eventually plateaus at age 110 and remains constant at approximately 50-50, making it likely that we could live to age 130 and beyond. That may be enticing, but what do you do after you’ve streamed everything?

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