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Flying Broom, Gravitational Wave Tsunami, Space Diapers and More Mysterious News Briefly — November 9, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — November 9, 2021

While digging in the ancient city of Aizanoi in western Turkey, archeologists found the Roman-era heads of statues of the deities and mythical lovers Aphrodite and Dionysus, whose headless bodies were found during a previous dig. Proof that you couldn’t trust cheap movers even in ancient times?

The newest and final trailer for 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' is narrated by Dan ‘Ray Stanz’ Aykroyd, ends with the voice of Bill ‘Peter Venkman’ Murray asking "Hey, have you missed us?" and shows a shot of what looks like three unidentifiable men wearing Ghostbusters uniforms and armed with working neutrona wands. Did your bag of marshmallows just groan?

Police in Plymouth, Minnesota, had to be called in to break up a fight in the middle of a busy intersection between two bald eagles -- they were able to separate the bald eagles and they flew away without any sign of injury. Did this give the history teacher a new visual aid for the chapter on the Civil War?

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about, the latest gravitational wave measurements by the LIGO-Virgo interferometers showed a “tsunami” of 35 gravitational wave events in less than five months or an average of almost 1.7 gravitational wave events per week – a tenfold increase since the measurements first began. Does this explain the shortage of aluminum foil?

The "teapot effect" – when a drop of tea seems to always cling to the spout and drip on the tablecloth – has been explained in a new study by a complex mathematical formula involving inertia, viscous and capillary forces which cause the tea to maintain its original flow direction while being slowed down at the spout tip, causing it to cling rather than detach. “Just drink coffee,” said Starbuck’s.

A TikTok video making the rounds show what appears to be a straw broom flying around 40 feet in the air above a road with no visible means of support and no witch or wizard rider. If this is Amazon’s new competition in the drone delivery competition, we’re impressed.

No one remembers who finished third … which could explain why Virgin Galactic announced it has sold 100 tickets at $450,000 each since flying founder Richard Branson to near space last summer, and will begin commercial flights by the end of 2022. Definition of irony … having the Virgin Galactic tickets delivered by Amazon in electric cars.

Four astronauts successfully splashed down off the coast of Florida aboard their SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule after a nearly nine-hour descent while wearing space diapers due to a malfunctioning space toilet. Definition of irony 2.0 – if when asked what it would take for them to do it again, they said, “Depends.”

New research on the age of rocks from cratons -- the most ancient continental fragments in India, Australia, and South Africa – found that Earth’s first large continents were formed around 3 billion years ago – much earlier than the 2.5 billion years previously estimated. Get ready for a new kind of continental divide as owners are forced to move their “World’s first beach” signs.

European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet took a beautiful photo from the International Space Station of the massive solar flare that hit Earth last week, creating northern lights visible from space with spikes higher than the ISS orbit. Before you ask for prints, most of us had our eyes closed.

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