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Ice Pancakes, Spaceport Mixologists, Cemetery Ghosts and More Mysterious News Briefly — November 30, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — November 30, 2021

A new University of Glasgow-led study found that solar wind created water on the surface of dust grains carried on asteroids that smashed into the Earth during the early days of the Solar System – making it a primary source of Earth’s H2O. How long before the Sun wants a cut of all bottled water sales?

SpaceX is looking for a “Spaceport Mixologist” to mix and serve cocktails at its launch facility in Boca Chica, Texas, in order to attract more people to the launches. Does Elon Musk drink anything besides Mars-tinis?

Bison that were reintroduced into Wanuskewin Heritage Park in the province of Saskatchewan in 2019 used their hooves to tear at the dirt and uncovered four lost petroglyphs and a tool used by First Nation artists to create the ancient works. How long before the bison want a cut of all postcard sales?

NASA's Parker Solar Probe completed its tenth flyby of the sun on November 21 and set new distance and speed records, coming within 5.3 million miles of the surface at 363,660 mph. It’s perfectly legal because in space … no one can hear you speed.

Paris officials are promising that attendees at the 2024 Olympic Games will use flying taxis to shuttle between events. If you can’t afford tickets to the boxing events, you can watch people fight over flying taxi rides for free.

The British firm Cyberselves has created an app that lets you give a remote loved one a robotic hug over the Internet using a VR headset and handheld motion controllers. Is that enough to convince Grandma that you’re not coming for Christmas but you still deserve a gift?

Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg are covered with strange ice anomalies known as ice pancakes and ice balls which are created when ice crystals form in little groups on the water’s surface in slightly wavy conditions and join to form the round shapes. Ice Ball and the Pancakes sounds like a great name for a Canadian band.

For the first time in history, a 190-ton Airbus A340 successfully landed on an icy runway in Antarctica – special grooves had to be cut on the runway in order to provide the greatest friction when landing the aircraft so it didn’t slip off the end due to its heavy weight. What was the inflight movie – ‘Frozen’?

The myth of the Gray's Island Ghost – a cemetery statue in Hillsborough, Canada, whose eyes were said to follow one around before the head was mysteriously stolen the 1990s – took another mysterious turn when the head suddenly reappeared recently. The family who owns the statue is relieved – ghost tour operators aren’t.

A video from China shows eggs with black yolks that were reportedly laid by a grey goose – the eggs are said to taste perfectly normal and are thought to have been caused by either industrial pollution or the goose eating too many black mulberries. If only Dr. Suess were still alive.

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