Nov 04, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Secret RQ-180 Unmanned Stealth Spy Plane Spotted Over Area 51

Despite what the ‘Storm Area 51’ crowd tried to make everyone believe, the reason why its security is ultra-tight to the point of ‘shoot to kill’ for anyone pushing a toe past a gate or under a fence is that top secret advanced aircraft are being tested there. Sure, it would be more exciting to learn that the lights and shadows in the airspace over Area 51 are reverse-engineered alien spacecrafts or the mysterious hangars on the ground are hiding crashed flying saucers, but the reality of super-advanced drones and piloted planes is still pretty exciting – especially when the Pentagon makes promises to share UFO data but doesn’t seem to be too forthcoming. Fortunately, there are brave souls who camp out on the perimeter with high-powered cameras and supply us with the next best thing.

“A friend who wishes to remain anonymous and I were at the Groom Lake Road gate yesterday. I heard a faint aircraft noise and noticed a contrail straight above us, inside the Area 51 restricted airspace, heading roughly SSW. Through my IS [image stabalized] binoculars, I first thought I was looking at a B-2 until I realized it had a POINTED tail. The B-2 has a serrated tail. My friend took the enclosed photo (two enhanced versions superimposed). It is clearly a twin-engine aircraft.”

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B-2 bomber

The alleged top-secret aircraft (pictured here) was taken by Joerg Arnu, who runs the website which keeps up with all things Area 51. Arnu sent the photo to The War Zone website and gave it some additional details on the sighting – he estimated that the drone was flying at around 70,000 ft. based in the alleged size of the rumored ‘RQ-180’ very stealthy flying-wing surveillance aircraft, which is reportedly being tested at Area 51, but has only been possibly seen before in the Philippines in September 2021 and in California in November 2020. Of course, it COULD have been seen all over the world where triangle UFOs have been reported.

Arnu told The War Zone he thinks the possible RQ-180 came from Edwards Air Force Base in California and was flying over the Area 51 base to measure the radar signatures of its stealth capabilities in flight for testing and verification purposes. The plane was seen on the weekend, which is unusual for Area 51. The War Zone has photos of other alleged sightings and points out that many of them occur during the day – also unusual for secret aircraft tests. This could indicate that the stealth drone is about ready to be revealed to the public – although it’s entirely possible it has been used already in military operations. However, The War Zone says none of these photos solidly confirm its existence.

plane g41180d99e 640 570x384
A stealth fighter with the jagged tail, unlike the RQ-180 pointed tail

Could this RQ-180 be the mysterious triangle UFOs so many people report seeing? One sign it may not be is that contrail it leaves – many of the UFO sightings don’t mention one. It seems strange that a ‘stealth’ plane would have such a visual signature, but it’s said to be capable of very high altitude flight where that wouldn’t make a difference. One thing is fairly certain – this is not the Tic Tac UFO of USS Nimitz fame.

Kudos to Joerg Arnu for bravely monitoring the skies over Area 51 by getting as close as he does and revealing the photos. Kudos also to The War Zone for being the go-to place for explanations of real top secret aircrafts the Pentagon doesn’t want the public to know about.

Just remember – the U.S. military means business when it comes to guarding Area 51.

Paul Seaburn

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