Nov 10, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Stevie Nicks Sees Mother’s Ghost While Selma Hayek Exorcises 20 From Her House

It’s time for everybody’s favorite slow news day story – celebrity ghost encounters. This week you get a two-fer and they’re both big two-fer stars – two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Stevie Nicks and two-time Emmy nominee (and Daytime Emmy winner) Selma Hayek. Are their ghosts big stars too? Let’s find out, starting with Stevie Nicks.

So you look to your guardian angel
Some of them are here on earth
Well some of them are way up there in heaven
So you look to your guardian angel
Some of them are here on earth
Some of them are way up there in heaven heaven
-- “Ghosts” (from The Other Side of the Mirror – Stevie Nicks)

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Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks has always had a mystical aura about her, so a ghost encounter should not be a surprise. Far Out magazine reports Nicks recently revealed an encounter with her mother’s spirit back in 2012 shortly after her mother died. Nicks says she’s “always believed in spiritual forces” so, when she was having a attack from “really bad acid reflux,” she wasn’t shocked to feel something at her shoulder and hear a voice say “It’s that Gatorade you’re drinking.” It was actually Hawaiian Punch but Nicks got the message. Interestingly, Nicks uses the experience to correct the New Age mystical image so many people have of her, saying she only wears black because “it makes me look thinner, you idiots” and she believes people would have more ghostly encounters like hers if they feared them less and instead treated them like ways to connect to those we’ve loved and lost and remember what they taught us. Wonder if her mom’s ghost told her to apologize to the makers of Gatorade. Or to try dating someone other than rock stars.

“I didn't see these, but somebody, like, didn't want to work there anymore because the piano played by itself and you wouldn't go to the third floor...lights go on and off or the doors and the windows opened and closed.”

During a recent appearance in “Ellen,” actress Salma Hayek told the host the house she lives in is haunted, a fact she found out shortly after moving in when her hired help was moving out because of them. Her family members also had encounters with the ghosts, so Hayak bought in a medium to help figure out whether the house was really haunted and if so, what to do about it. Her instructions to the medium were the best part of the story and typical of someone who grew up in Mexico with its Day of the Dead rituals.

“I said, look, I'm going to bring somebody, even if it's not true, at least they might, psychologically think it's over. But I made sure no chicken legs, no chicken heads; don't bring some dead animal in my house.”

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Shouldn't ghosts be disclosed in the real estate listing?

Was the medium insulted? Could that be why he claimed the house had at least 20 ghosts? Did he charge by the spirit? Hayek’s daughter told the medium of the ghost she saw and he said it was a nun who had been there longer than her and didn’t want to leave. Rather than doing something drastic, the medium convinced Hayek to let the nun stay in the house because she had “good vibes.” However, it appears the rest are gone, her daughter is happy, her relatives feel better, and Hayek is looking for some new movie roles.

Maybe Stevie Nicks and Salma Hayek should contact the producers of the TV show “Ghosts” and do a guest spot.

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