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Argentine UFO, Brain Chip, Uncombable Hair and More Mysterious News Briefly — December 8, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — December 8, 2021

Two neighbors in the city of Tres Arroyos in the Buenos Aires Province of Argentina posted pictures of a UFO that they claimed came “from the rural area, in the direction of the urban plant” and which no media sources seemed able to identify. Even more interesting – they saw it while they were actually out shopping in a real brick-and-mortar store.

Archaeologists from the University of Gothenburg concluded an excavation of two tombs from around 1350 BCE in the city of Hala Sultan Tekke in Cyprus and say they found over 150 human skeletons and close to 500 objects – including a precious-gem-studded "lotus flower" pendant similar to one worn by ancient Egypt's Queen Nefertiti. Determining how it got there sounds like a job for ‘CSI: Nefertiti’.

Neuralink cofounder Elon Musk says he wants brain chips in humans as soon as next year to help “people that have severe spinal cord injuries like tetraplegics, quadriplegics.” Is that because Tesla CEO Elon Musk needs more drivers?

A study of the last common ancestor of chimps, gorillas and humans found that African and Asian primates evolved a strong resistance to the venom of large, daytime-active cobras which helped them survive in those areas, while other non-resistant ancestors moved to areas with less snakes. Is this the beginning of the family tree of Indiana Jones?

From the “Things you didn’t know existed and wish you had” file comes news that researchers from Germany and China developed a micropen capable of directly writing on surfaces to a microprecise level – something that could be used in biological or microelectronic labs, using biomaterial or conductive ink to pattern live cells or circuits. Just what we need – a pen that’s even easier to lose than the ones you’ve already lost.

MIT scientists studying the power of probiotics to fight obesity in mice found that not only does yogurt make mice slimmer, it also makes them sexier, giving them a thick and shiny coat and a mate-attracting “swagger.” That explains the crowd of guys preening around the yogurt cooler at the grocery store.

Many people have messy hair, but a 14-month-old boy in Atlanta has an extremely rare condition known as "uncombable hair syndrome" – there are only 100 confirmed cases in the world -- which makes his fuzzy blond hear look like that of a baby chick. No, Santa … he doesn’t need any more combs.

NASA’s 23rd group of astronauts is called the 'Artemis Generation' because they’ll probably walk on the Moon as part of the Artemis mission – the group includes a bioengineer who also participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as a track cyclist. Is NASA anticipating problems with the solar-powered Moon buggies?

The Swiss robotics company Swiss-Mile has developed a four-wheeled dog-like robot that can reach speeds of up to 14 mph (23 kph), stand up on its wheeled hind legs and spin around like a performing pooch – all skills the company claims will make it helpful in so-called 'last mile' delivery challenges. Unless you have a bigger real dog who’s embarrassed that he can’t stand on his hind legs and spin around.

If you live on the Tibetan plateau, new research suggests your successful survival at that high altitude is the direct result of your Denisovan ancestors who settled there about 160,000 years ago — 120,000 years earlier than previous estimates for Homo sapiens. And they made it to the top without Sherpas.

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