Dec 17, 2021 I Nick Redfern

From Dogmen to Aliens: A Strange Connection

Having discussed the matter of the Bigfoot-UFO issue - and of the Loch Ness-UFO angle, too - I thought it would be a good idea to share with you the data that suggests a UFO connection to another monster: the creepy Dog-Man. Yes, really! Before I get to the strange link, however, here's some background on the matter the beast. Certainly, wolf-like, upright creatures have been described for centuries. I am , of course, talking about werewolves. However, the relatively recent phenomenon of the Dog-Man takes things to another, much more intriguing, angle. Linda Godfrey is the key figure in this controversy and she has written a number of books on the phenomenon. But, there's more than that. There's one particular Dog-Man-themed story that needs to be aired, as it has an alien angle to it. Believe it or not. While there are numerous theories for what the Dogmen are (demonic entities, shape-shifters, a rare/unique kind of wolf; the list goes on) the strangest of all the theories is that which suggests the creatures are extraterrestrials. Yes, you did read that right. In 2005, Linda Godfrey was contacted by a man – a military whistle-blower, we might say – who was an expert in the field of remote-viewing. According to Godfrey’s Edward Snowden-like source, the U.S. Government has uncovered data suggesting that the Dogmen are a very ancient, extraterrestrial race that closely resembles the ancient deity of the Underworld. And who might that be? It’s Anubis, that’s who. Linday’s informant also discovered – via remote-viewing – that the Dogmen can "jump" from location to location via portals or doorways in the fabric of space and time. That’s quite a story told to Godfrey: Dogmen from the stars that have a connection to Anubis. The story isn't finished, though.

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(Nick Redfern) Linda Godfrey with Nick Redfern

On March 24, 2017, "The Emoluments of Mars" blog ran an article that said: "Mike Bara, the world-renowned geneticist and physiologist, was invited once again to blather for three hours on Jimmy Church’s podcast Fade to Black this week. 90% of it was discussion of a series of images of odd-looking artifacts on Mars. There was the pistol, the sarcophagus, the fossilized dinosaur, and my personal favorite the 20ft high cat playing air guitar." In my book, The Martians, I wrote of this: "An upright cat, standing precariously on a huge hill, on none other than Mars? That is what one particular and peculiar photograph, secured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, seems to show. The word 'seems' is the most important one in all of this. The picture shows what looks like a thin, humanoid-type figure – and that is so skinny it appears to resemble a classic, cartoon-like stick-man. We can see two arms (one of them raised), two legs, possibly two feet, and a head. Admittedly, the head is cat-like, and it has a pair of eyes and pointed ears. And, the "creature" appears to be standing in front of what looks like a shadowy entrance to a cave." I have to say that Bizarre" is the word. Or, beyond bizarre.

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(Nick Redfern) Anubis from Mars?

I showed the picture to a well-known figure in the "“ancient aliens" world who, on seeing it, practically foamed at the mouth. I’ll avoid mentioning his name, as he has since moved on and relegated it to the "pareidolia basket." Before doing so, however, he spent a couple of weeks working on a paper titled “Anubis on Mars?” The reason: the person in question felt that the “upright cat” looked far more like none other than Anubis. And who, precisely, was Anubis?  Let us take a look: "Anubis is the Egyptian name for a jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in Egyptian mythology," Crystalinks state. "Anubis was the god to protect the dead and bring them to the afterlife. He was usually portrayed as a half human, half jackal, or in full jackal form wearing a ribbon and holding a flail in the crook of its arm." I've had people tell me that the Dog-Men and Anubis might have a connection. I have no evidence, at all, to support such a controversial thing. But, it's worth keeping things in mind when it comes to the words of Linda Godfrey's "Deep Throat"/whistleblower.

Nick Redfern

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