Dec 29, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Group Claims Remote Viewing Contact with Ashtar Command Base Orbiting Jupiter

While space organizations are sending probes, listening for radio signals, looking for lasers, beaming radio signals and lasers, and using other techniques to communicate with extraterrestrials, some groups claim they’ve long been seeing and communicating with ETs using remote viewing -- the controversial practice of mind communications that are considered by most to be pseudoscience, even though it was given serious investigation by the U.S. military and some colleges. Dr. Michael Salla, a leader in the field, recently announced that one such group, the Farsight Institute, released the results of multiple remote viewing sessions conducted using “blind scientific protocols” which Salla claims proves the existence of the rumored Ashtar Command of extraterrestrial beings and claims its base hidden in the clouds of Jupiter recently hosted a meeting of “14 spacefaring nations and several extraterrestrial organizations.”

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An alien base in the clouds of Jupiter?

For those wanting to believe or just not familiar with all of these players, here’s a brief introduction. Dr. Michael Salla is a well-known scholar in both international politics and ‘exopolitics’ – the study of the main players and political processes allegedly associated with extraterrestrial life. The Farsight Institute was founded by Dr. Courtney Brown, another combination scholar in the fields of political science and remote viewing – he claims to have remotely communicated with Jesus and Buddha (as aliens) and visited other inhabited planets. Ashtar is the extraterrestrial being or group of beings first allegedly channeled through UFO contactee George Van Tassel and later by many others. Some of these believe the Ashtar have a base orbiting Jupiter – hence the recent remote viewing exercise.

“Regarding the first target, we simply wanted to know if such a thing as the Ashtar Command actually exists in the clouds of Jupiter. As far as our data indicate, it does. It seems to be a secretive facility, and it does not seem to be involved in communicating with the Earth population. I personally highly doubt that anyone in the Ashtar Command is channeling information to human receivers on Earth. It makes no sense for them to try to compete with Orion and Reptilian efforts to manipulate the human population through the spread of disinformation. If they were interested in interacting with humanity on a more personal level, they would be located closer to Earth and not hidden inside the clouds of Jupiter. As best as we can discern, they are primarily a military organization.”

On his website, Sallas reviews Brown’s announcement about the alleged remote viewing exercise and illustrates the points he believes are significant – the biggest being that Ashtar is yet another alien group monitoring Earth … joining others identified by Brown as "the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the Draconian (Reptilian) Empire, the Orion (Gray) Alliance, and the ‘Dominion’." Brown also negates the claim of Van Tassel and others that they can ‘channel’ the Ashtar – they have no need or desire to communicate with us. Finally, it confirms what Salla has been saying this year – an intergalactic meeting occurred in July above Jupiter. Salla has said that US Space Command leader General James Dickinson hinted that such a meeting happened, and Salla tweeted that he thinks NASA’s recent release of audio from Juno’s flyby of the Jovian moon Ganymede recorded on June 7 is more than a coincidence.

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Was Space Force involved?

Did you get all of that? There’s more on Salla’s website. What you won’t find is details on the “blind scientific protocols,” whether there were any independent monitors, any concrete evidence of how Earth being participated in the meeting … the list goes on and on. This is not to disparage the credentials of nor the dedication of the participants -- just to point out the lack of real evidence. The whole idea is dependent on one’s belief in remote viewing -- which has been scientifically researched and whose existence is still unproven but is still open for debate by some – and a belief in the existence of Ashtar without any proof whatsoever. Hence the conclusion by many that Ashtar is a UFO religion.

What all of this makes for right now is interesting reading – not science fiction but not much science … a conclusion based on eyeball viewing.

Paul Seaburn

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