Dec 03, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Pennsylvania Politician Admits to Bigfoot Encounter and a Lifelong Search for Sasquatch

Can being a Bigfoot believer, Bigfoot witness, Bigfoot hunter or Bigfoot acceptor help a politician? We’ve seen in the past few years where it didn’t help a U.S. representative from Virginia who lost a re-election bid partly because of his alleged link to Bigfoot porn. We’ve seen another who lost a school board election partly because he appeared in a Bigfoot erotic horror movie. Now we have the mayor of a small town in Pennsylvania admitting to having a personal Bigfoot encounter in 1984 that resulting in a lifelong interest in the creature, including joining a local Bigfoot organization and continuing to search for it. Is he up for re-election?

“It penetrated, went right through me. I’m 99 percent sure it was Bigfoot. And I leave the one percent of doubt only because I didn’t actually see it. That scream was life-changing.”

Meet Greg Stokes, Mayor of Riegelsville, Pennsylvania -- a borough in Bucks County near the Lehigh Valley, population 868. Besides being mayor, Stokes is also the town chiropractor … and one of a number of local Bigfoot witnesses, although Stokes admitted to a reporter from the Bucks County Courier Times that he’s an audio witness. Stokes is a member of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project, Bucks County Chapter, and recently told the group of his encounter on July 4, 1984, when he and his then girlfriend were camping on the Delaware River, about 50 miles north of Riegelsville.

“I was not drinking or doing drugs, I was in the military at the time.”

No, he didn’t say if he drank and did drugs AFTER the encounter, but he claims the military experience came in handy when he heard footsteps outside of his tent. Armed with a knife and hatchet, he waited. Ten minutes later, he says he heard the guttural scream that lasted ten minutes and sounded so close that “I could hear its lips pop open when it started to scream.” That’s close (and also poetic), so they stayed inside the tent until morning. A search of the campsite found broken bushes but no footprints. Despite that, Stokes immediately got serious about Bigfoot research, at one point making a pilgrimage to Bluff Creek, home of the “Patterson-Gimlin film.” The dense forests of that area convinced him that Bigfoot exists.

“It’s not hard to believe that some of them came across the land bridge and spread into North America, where they survive.”

“They” are Gigantopithecus blacki, those extinct 9-foot-tall giant apes that lived in Asia between 100,000 and 300,000 years ago and have some convinced they’ve survived to modern times and are Bigfoot. Riegelsville is a continent away from where Gigantopithecus blacki might have crossed over to North America, but Stokes has talked to other eye and audio witnesses who have had Bigfoot encounters in the area and is convinced the creature exists and could be Gigantopithecus. Pennsylvania ranks near the top in most Bigfoot surveys – a trait attributed to its heavy game-filled forests and numerous farms that could keep a population of giant cryptids hidden and well-fed.

Stokes doesn’t say if he’s running for re-election, but his revelation shouldn’t hurt if he is – Riegelsville is pretty small, he’s held the post for years, and he’s also the town chiropractor … you can survive with a new mayor but who wants to try finding another chiropractor?

At least he’s not a Bigfoot porn star … that sounds like a campaign slogan!

Paul Seaburn

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