Dec 25, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Recent Bigfoot Sightings in Illinois and Missouri

Has Bigfoot moved to the Midwest for the winter? A witness in Chandlerville, Illinois, east of Springfield, Illinois, contacted the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization in late November with his account of an encounter while driving on Illinois 78 and the BFRO researcher was impressed. Meanwhile, a recent Bigfoot documentary focused on multiple Bigfoot sightings in Missouri’s Mark Twain National Forest about 300 miles south of Chandlerville. Might they be related … or the same Sasquatch?

"When it hit the shoulder, it looked back at me. I said to myself out loud, '(expletive)ing Bigfoot!'."

Patrick Garver told BFRO’s Matthew Moneymaker he was driving alone on Route 78 near the Sangamon River on November 27th at 10:30 pm when he was startled into talking to himself. He claims to have seen a large animal jump about 40 yards ahead of him with “very large legs spread wide in a dead run with large swinging hairy arms.” He estimates seeing the creature for only two seconds – long enough to see it had “shiny black hair” and a speed matching a whitetail deer. Unfortunately, there were no other witnesses to this sighting just east of a wildlife reserve.

This is a very reliable sighting.


He was not particularly interested in the Bigfoot subject but he recognized what he was seeing.


He was surprised that this is the first posted visual sighting report for this county — Cass County Illinois — but he noticed the next county to east has 13 (!!) posted reports total and a county nearby to the north has 12 posted reports. He noted that Cass County is very sparsely populated — only 12,000 people.

Matthew Moneymaker rated this an ‘A’ sighting, while the witness noted that nearby Sangamon County is a Bigfoot hotspot with 13 sightings. Unfortunately, the witness took no photos of the Bigfoot or footprints and has no other evidence, but that hasn’t stopped the local media from covering it.

Speaking of local media coverage, KHMO-AM in Hannibal, Missouri, covered some Bigfoot sightings in the Mark Twain National Forest in the southern part of the state – about 300 miles due south of Chandlerville. In the latest episode of Sasquatch Theory (you can watch it here), four Missouri men retell their local encounters – almost all in the national forest. One was a large upright humanoid covered with brown hair, but its feet had black soles. Another Mark Twain Forest witness says he heard grunts coming from a large upright figure he could barely see in the dark. Firing five warning shots over the creature's head elicited more grunts, but he saw nothing else till daylight. The third found footprints, saw a huge rock flying through the air and claims he saw a creature around 75 yards away. The last witness claimed to have once seen a Bigfoot in the forest knee-deep in snow, and another time witnessed one there while biking.

While the Missouri witnesses presented no solid evidence, it’s interesting that their encounters and the one in Illinois occurred in or near parks and wildlife areas. The short distance (for a Sasquatch) could indicate they saw the same Bigfoot or members of the same group.

On the other hand, they may not have seen a Sasquatch. All of these could have been other animals or tired, distracted eyes playing tricks in the shadowy dark of the night. All of the witnesses believe they know what they saw … and what they believe they saw was Bigfoot.

You don’t have to live in Washington State to think you’ve seen Bigfoot. To convince the skeptical around the country still requires more.

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