Dec 16, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

TikTok Time Traveler Claims He Has Visual Proof of Meeting His Future Self

"Swedish time traveller meets himself in the future with video proof!"

If time travel really worked, it should be “like déjà vu all over again,” as the great baseball legend Yogi Berra once said – you keep seeing the same events over and over again. Unfortunately, this recent spate of TikTok time travelers posting revelations on social media, being proven wrong, and then coming back with more videos along with the promise “This time I will make you believe I’m a time traveler” is making the rest of us feel like it’s déjà vu all over again. The latest time travel video making the rounds is like a déjà vu three-way – it’s an alleged time traveler, it’s someone claiming to have proof that he met his future self, and it may just be a video we’ve seen before … without traveling in time.

"I get my tools to fix the pipe but can't reach it as it's so far in. I kept crawling in, further and further. Anyway, at the end it gets light and I can stand up and I see myself as an older man, maybe about 70."

marek piwnicki 8bT5tqpEswM unsplash 570x760
If the space under your sink looks like this, call a plumber.

Yes, this is one of those ‘slipped through a hole in space-time’ kind of time travelers. Håkan Nordkvist is seen in a TikTok video (watch it here) describing how a DIY plumbing project turned into time travel when he seemed to be able to crawl farther under his sink than was previously possible, until he apparently crawls out and meets an older man who looks strangely familiar ... because it’s himself 40 years into the future. Yeah, right.

“Luckily because I thought no one's going to believe this – I had my mobile and I could film it. We stood there talking and it was a nice feeling, really great feeling.”

It’s the feel-good hit of TikTok time traveler videos! You even get to see the ‘Ah-ha!’ moment when they figure it out – both men have the same unusual tattoo on the same arm. They both look relaxed and jovial – future Håkan Nordkvist doesn’t seem at all worried he may be altering his own timeline by interacting with his past self … what if he gives himself a future virus they can’t yet treat in the past? In fact, they don’t seem to do much more than compare tattoos. Was his phone battery running low?

That tattoo is what many TikTok commenters focused on – it would be easy to stage this with two bald similar-looking men (possibly even a father-son) and two fake tattoos. And why wasn’t the tattoo 40 years in the future faded or warped? Fortunately, some people did a little digging and found that this video wasn’t made in 2006 and 2046 … just in 2006. It was actually from a marketing campaign promoting pension plans offered by the French insurance company AMF.

So, don’t fear crawling under the sink to repair that leaking pipe – you won’t disappear into your future, meet yourself and screw up your timeline … you’ll just fix a problem before it gets worse.

chastity cortijo 29IpcQdFwI4 unsplash 570x861
Bathroom or portal?

One question … would you buy pension plans from a company that fakes time travel stories?

Fake time travelers – the real “déjà vu all over again.”

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