Dec 23, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Two Women in Vietnam Give Off Their Own Mysterious Perfume Scent

There are many reasons why 2021 will be remembered as a very strange year, but one that was completely unexpected was a rash of news stories about celebrities who claimed they rarely or never bathed and were proud of it – people like Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron and many more. Only one story could top this – two women in Vietnam claim they don’t bathe either --- because they don’t have to. Both have a ‘superpower’ many wish they had – their bodies always smell like a pleasant perfume … without the aid of a pleasant perfume.

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These ladies have no need to spritz ... but why?

“During the day, if you want to smell the scent, you have to rub your body with your hands, but at night, people around me can still smell the smell coming from my body even if I am sitting a few meters away.”

Meet Dang Thi Tuoi, a seamstress from the province of Sok Trang who undoubtedly gets invited to a lot of parties where she has to put up with men (and a few women) wanting to smell her. The story first appeared on the YouTube channel Doc La Binh Duong (ExtraOrdinary Binh Duong) and its website, where it was picked up by Oddity Central and other media sites. They report that noticed her own pleasant smell after a hard day at work when, instead of needing a shower, the mere rubbing of her hands caused a sweet scent that she soon realized was her own. While she doesn’t say if she’s been examined by her doctor, Dang has kept track of the scent and found that some areas of her body are more fragrant than others, the smell is stronger at night, weaker during her menstrual cycle, and most powerful during a full moon.

Sweat is composed of water, salts, sugars, urea and ammonia, and is created by two different sweat glands – the apocrine in the armpits and groin areas, and the eccrine located throughout the rest of the body. The armpit smell is stronger and affected by diet, exercise, disease and stress. Garlic, cruciferous vegetables and carbohydrates are known to create bad body odor, while meat, eggs, and tofu are associated with more pleasant smelling sweat. Fenugreek, a plant with green teardrop-shaped leaves used in many Indian dishes, is known to make sweat smell like maple syrup. But perfume? There seems to be no records of anyone else whose sweat or skin smells naturally pleasant.

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Forget the bottle ... just rub.

“The Doc La Binh Duong channel was contacted by another woman who claimed to have her own natural perfume, known to the media as Ms. Dung. Dung, a woman from Kien Giang Province, revealed that like Dang Thi Tuoi, her body gives off this strong and pleasant fragrance when rubbed.”

OK, one other person. Ms. Dung (an ironic name in English) also says she emits a strong floral fragrance when her skin is rubbed and has known about it for years, but never told anyone until she heard about Dang.

This sounds like a rare condition worthy of study, and these two ladies sound like they’re worthy of greater recognition for the service they provide when riding in crowded elevators, subway cars or public rest rooms.

Paul Seaburn

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