Dec 06, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

UFO at Colombian Airport Reported by Multiple Media Sites

“Shocking images.” "Draw Your Conclusions." “This is not a joke.”

Those types of headlines are sure to draw in readers and viewers, so the Colombian media sprinkled them liberally in their coverage of a UFO sightings recorded by a popular celebrity and reality show judge – two characteristics that also attracted attention to a video that appeared to be picked up and reported on by multiple media sites. What did César Escola see to earn that much coverage?

“To bother with my new cell phone, I started to record the landing of the two planes, so when I record the second plane, I start to look at the video again, as one normally does to see how it turned out. But there was a moment that my eye, after having worked so long on television, detected something strange and I began to search in slow motion. I want you to give your opinion and draw your own conclusions.” (Google translation)

Smartphone 2 570x380
A re-creation of the UFO sighting?

César Escola is a Colombian-Argentine musician, composer, television presenter and reality show judge on “Yo me llamo” (My name is). He claims that on November 26 he was at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogota waiting for his flight and decided to play with smartphone by recording planes landing. Reviewing the videos, his ‘trained’ eye picked up some blurred motion from right to left, so Escola played with the video speed slowed down. What he saw was not something his ‘trained’ eye could identify, as he posts on Instagram.

“Strange object in El Dorado? Help me understand? I share with you what happened to me yesterday 11/26/21.”


"What will it be?"


"Above all, what the authorities think officers. " (Google translation)

What will it be? Take a look for yourself here or here (on a network TV show with appropriate music) and “draw your own conclusions.” Many of the conclusions first point out that César Escola is a multimedia star and currently a judge on a reality show, so he has a lot of products that could benefit from this kind of ‘celebrity UFO’ publicity. The prevailing theory is that Escola’s ‘trained’ eye did not recognize a bug flying through his field-of-view but not in the same focal point as the landing planes. He says he’ll make the video available to “authorities” but he’s a celebrity – why didn’t he rush to the authorities while he was at the airport and have the control tower look at the radar?

simon berger FNEMRTAgKJ4 unsplash 570x769
For comparison purposes -- a bug

Sorry, Cesar … unless you have more evidence, this sounds like an episode of “I’m a Celebrity … Let Me See if I Can Fool the Public With a UFO Video and Get Some Media Face Time.” No joke.

Paul Seaburn

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