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UFO Fleet, Vomiting Ants, Underwater Alien Sounds and More Mysterious News Briefly — December 7, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — December 7, 2021

Memorial University of Newfoundland researchers found that the ring-billed gull is able to pass a widely used cognitive exam called the string-pull test where a treat is placed on a dish inside a plastic box with a string tied to it and placed inside a plastic box with a slit on one end – the only way to get the treat is to pull the string and the plate through the slit. The first one to do it should get a scholarship to Maryland’s Salisbury University, home of the Salisbury Sea Gulls.

Ants have social networks just like humans do, but a new study found that instead of exchanging information through posts and comments, they vomit into each other's mouths – thus creating a digestive social network in which energy and information circulate constantly throughout the colony to be collected by the ants that need these resources. If you just spit up a little in your mouth, you may be accepted into their network.

Archeologists who discovered the skeletal remains of a man killed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE say he was carrying a wooden box holding a ring and was almost to the sea when he turned to face the onrushing cloud of hot gas and volcanic matter which “burnt off all his clothing and vaporized his flesh,” resulting in instantaneous death. A horrible way to go and he never even got to see what was in the Ark of the Covenant.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Service posted a recording of Steamboat Lake making “strange Star Wars sounds” that some people believed were coming from an underwater alien base but experts say is the shifting in the ice on the frozen lake causing high and low sound frequencies. “These are not the noises you are looking for.”

Researchers discovered that the impotence pill Viagra (sildenafil), originally developed as a heart drug medicine and also used to treat the lung condition pulmonary hypertension, may be useful in preventing or treating Alzheimer's disease. Thank you, Bob Dole.

As he prepares for a 12-day trip to the International Space Station, Japanese fashion billionaire Yusaku Maezawa says he’s so excited, “I'm like an elementary student waiting for a school trip." That’s a warning to the rest of the Soyuz crew that he’ll probably spend the trip singing “99 bottles of beer on the wall.”

The marketing communications company Clemenger BBDO and the University of Tasmania are building an indestructible "black box" on a granite plain on the west coast of Tasmania in early 2022 to record "every step we take" toward climate catastrophe in order to provide a record for future civilizations to understand what caused our demise. Why not just record cable news?

Engineer Matt Mikka from the YouTube channel Warped Perception attached three jet thrusters to the back of his Tesla Model S and used 1.5 gallons of “hydro diesel” fuel per minute to propel the formerly electric vehicle down a highway. The video is now in the dictionary under “irony.”

An unidentified pilot shot a video of what looks like a fleet of 12 UFOs flying in formation at 39,000 feet above sea level over the South China Sea – some experts suggest these were anti-missile flares shot from a warplane, but the pilot said “I do not know what that is. That is some weird s**t. That is something flying.” Is “weird s**t” Chinese for Tic Tac?

Astronomers using the Very Large Array (VLA) telescope in New Mexico discovered the galaxy AGC 114905, an ultra-diffuse dwarf galaxy about 250 million light-years away, that contains no dark matter whatsoever despite the prevailing theory that ultra-diffuse dwarf galaxies can only exist if they are held together by dark matter. Dark Gorilla Glue?

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