MU+ Podcasts IJan 19, 2022

25.02 – MU Plus+ Podcast – Djinn Troubles

MU+ Extended

There is an old saying that one should beware those bearing gifts; well that is especially true when the gifts are Djinn. We hear the story of an unusual man who exploded onto the spiritualism circuits of Europe in the late 1800's bringing with him his entourage of invisible and highly dangerous companions. Like most interactions with non human intelligences the outcome is never desirable.

Then we look at the start of the spiritualism movement and the distasteful astral sex elements that seem to have been covered up and hear of how indescribable fiends took humans for their lovers.

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Aaron Wright

Aaron Wright is one half of the Mysterious Universe team who brings expertise in the sciences. Ben and he formed 8th Kind Pty Ltd in 2008 to take MU to the next level.

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