Jan 12, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Chupacabra Alert After Multiple Cattle Mutilations in Northeast Argentina

For ranchers in Argentina, one dead cow is curious, two dead cows is a cause for concern, and three dead cows is a Chupacabra alert. At least, that’s what it seems to be in Corrientes, a large city in the northeast corner of Argentina where a rancher wants to know what killed three of his cows, removed their organs with clean cuts, and left no trace of blood. Argentina has a history of cattle mutilations that are blamed on Chupacabra because of similar circumstances. Is this another one?

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"It has clean cuts, there is no trace of bleeding, not even traces that indicate that the animal could crawl or ram. As if it had fallen struck down in the place. It lacks the tongue, udders and reproductive organs."

Hugo Valenzuela told the Instagram site Ronda de Mate the field where the carcasses were found is just a quarter of a mile (400 meters) from residential homes. While something killed the cows, he’s convinced it wasn’t dogs or caranchos (falcons) because there were no tracks, feathers or other evidence of them even sniffing the dead cows. There were also no human footprints and the cows, prior to their mutilation and deaths, were healthy. A gruesome video of one cow can be seen here.

“Popular belief assigns responsibility for these episodes to the “chupacabra”, a mythological character who is supposed to attack various species in livestock and rural areas. It is worth remembering that in different rural sections of Esquina, similar cases had already been reported in 2013, 2018 and 2019.”

Ronda de Mate reminds readers of other Chupacabra-like incidents in past years. In 2019, there were a number of cattle mutilations in the northwestern province of Catamarca on the Chilean border – enough to cause concern on Infocampo, an agricultural media source. While some people in that instance blamed aliens (their cell phones stopped working near the dead cows), other blamed Hocicudos -- a long-snouted scavenger mouse that likes to dine on the soft parts of dead animals. However, that doesn’t address what killed the healthy cattle in the first place.

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In 2018, similar cattle mutilations were reported in Santiago del Estero Province in north central Argentina and blame was again split between Chupacabra, aliens and Hocicudos. It’s obvious by the comments on the news site Corrientes Today that cattle ranchers and Argentinians in general are frustrated and worried.

“I recommend that you google the infinity of cases, not only in the country, but also in the world, the issue is very complex. With cameras unless they are infrared night vision, you are not going to find out much.”


“I lived it in the hills of Vallejos also a few years ago, impressive, no scavenger came near, on that occasion there were about 8 healthy animals, they did not emanate a typical smell completely dry, they remained.”


“On January 7, they saw the lights in the sky. It was not a plane or a leaking star.” (Google translations)

It doesn’t appear too many people are blaming the Hocicudos. Unless the authorities can provide concrete evidence, the rule of three still applies … Chupacabra alert!

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