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Doctor Shows How Extra-Potent Flatulence Can Make a Person Go Blind

Ask any teenage boy for a list of things that will allegedly make you go blind and it’s a good bet most are of a sexual nature and none are medically proven. However, if he happens to say “Really smelly farts,” believe him. A real medical doctor was contacted by a person who claimed a fart rendered them blind for three minutes and he explained online exactly how this could actually have happened. Before you read on … kids, don’t try this at home!

“I once farted so hard I went blind for 3 minutes.”

Dr. Anthony Youn is a Board-certified plastic surgeon based in Troy, Michigan, and an advocate of holistic plastic surgery and non-invasive self-care routines and practices. Dr. Youn calls himself America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon but he’s open to addressing other questions on TikTok, which is where the fart question arose.

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Why did I eat so many beans?

"Although this is very unlikely, if the gas you pass is extremely pungent, it could contain large amounts of hydrogen sulfide.”

That’s no surprise -- hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is the colorless gas that gives many things their rotten egg smell (including rotten eggs). It’s harmless in low concentrations, but can be extremely flammable and highly toxic. While over 99% of flatus (intestinal gas) is odorless gases, that 1% can contain hydrogen sulfide – most often from bean consumption.

"Studies show that hydrogen sulfide is very effective at reducing blood pressure.”

There is your proof that Dr. Youn is a real doctor -- hydrogen sulfide is produced in the thin lining of the blood vessels and regulates blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels. That’s usually a good thing, but the part of the body that smells rotten egg flatulence is very close to the part of the body that sees if it came from you, the other person in the elevator or your dog – your eyes.

"If [a fart] reduces blood pressure to the central retinal artery, your silent but deadly toot could theoretically make you go blind.”

Dr. Youn includes a detailed drawing showing the parts of the eye that could “theoretically” be affected by a hydrogen sulfide-loaded fart. However, he doesn’t explain how pungent is “extremely pungent” or how flatulence can become blindingly potent. All he will say is “be careful if you're making a lot of bubbles in your bathtub."

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Save your sight -- take escalators instead of crowded elevators.

While we’ve already warned that creating and sniffing hydrogen sulfide flatulence is not something to try at home, Dr. Youn should think about adding that warning to some of his other TikTok videos. He’s America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon and he recently answered a question in his line of work … which are more durable – breast or butt implants? Any guesses?

To test the strength of the different body implants, Youn shows himself stomping on them with his foot (both survive -- a tie), smashing them with a hammer (another tie), slams them in a door (yet another tie) and bites them with his teeth (tie again). The real winner is the makers of silicon implants.

One more thing on flatulence. Dr. Youn warns people not to sleep in the nude. You might wish you were blind if you saw what your night farts leave on your sheets.

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