Jan 28, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

ETs Love Queen Elizabeth II But Hate Princes Harry and Andrew According to UFO Expert

There are more than a few people who believe that Queen Elizabeth II is a blood-drinking, flesh-eating, shape-shifting extraterrestrial reptilian humanoid who runs Earth with her other reptilian cohorts -- George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, Bill and Hillary Clinton and more. If this conspiracy theory – created by former BBC sports reporter turned conspiracy theorist David Icke – is true, how do their fellow extraterrestrials think the queen is doing? For that answer, we turn to Nick Pope -- former UFO investigator at the British Government’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) – who just a few days ago was quoted saying ETs are afraid of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin. What does Mr. Pope think aliens think of the longest-serving monarch ever?

“I’m not sure what aliens would make of our monarchy. But they’d probably wonder how this mighty institution had got itself bogged down in gossip and scandal. That said, I think they’d look at the Queen and see a true leader.”

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Girl, that's why I named you Queenie.

The Daily Star has been running interviews with Nick Pope about his UFO-based take on the world situation and his responses are far more interesting that the usual cable news questions-and-answers. While he thinks ETs would fear Putin and his posturing in Ukraine which would cause them to leave without inviting Earth to join the Galactic Federation, he said the ETs would respect the U.K. for its history of winning wars … and now he states that the reigning queen – who has been titular head for 70 years of them – would have their respect.

Pope probably knows that the late Prince Philip had a lifelong interest in UFOs and amassed an extensive library of books on UFOs and aliens. And of course, he’s on Icke’s reptilian list because he was not just Elizabeth’s husband – he was her second cousin. That would make her children and grandchildren aliens too, but The Daily Star says Pope doesn’t think aliens subscribe to the "apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” proverb.

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Waiting for the jubilee parade.

“He suspects they are unimpressed by Harry and Meghan Marke decamping to the US, and with Andrew’s alleged crimes, which he strongly denies.”

A distaste for Andrew is understandable, but moving to the U.S. is all it takes to get on the bad side of ETs? What does all of this mean? One might think that it’s an indication Nick Pope is losing it or has slipped over to the dark side of ufology where David Icke hangs out. Or he knows that this kind of speculation gets publicity and attention which he can then direct to his more plausible concerns about UFOs, ETs and government nondisclosure on the subjects. Or it could just be a tabloid doing what tabloids do. On the other hand, if he’s right and ETs keep close tabs on Earth’s leaders, why do they think Queen Elizabeth II is a world leader still worth keeping tabs on?

If Pope is right, can we trade Harry for the queen?

Paul Seaburn

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