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Flying Bent Spoon, Smell of Happiness, Pig Brain Therapy and More Mysterious News Briefly — January 6, 2022

Mysterious News Briefly — January 6, 2022

In Las Vegas, Kitten Kay Sera became the first woman in history to marry a color when she was officially wedded to a giant pink swatch. “… in sickness and in health … until fading do us part.”

Scientists at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have solved the so-called three-body problem -- a physics puzzler from the days of Isaac Newton involving why it seems impossible to predict the behavior of three space objects in close orbits – by using "the drunkard's walk," which is a theory of random walks that allows one to calculate the probability of the drunkard ending up in any given spot at some later point in time. This could be the first case of SPPWUI – Solving Physics Problems While Under the Influence.

The NASA Perseverance rover has filled up a fifth sample tube with Martian dirt and rocks as part of a planned collection of 43 total samples that will eventually be returned to Earth on a retrieval mission early in the 2030s. in the meantime, this would make for a great new reality show called “American Space Pickers.”

A project called POTION is researching chemosignals that our bodies emit that are unique to the emotions we feel in order to develop, bottle and sell the smell of happiness as a way to artificially induce happiness and possibly treat depression. Is that what opening a can of beer does already?

Researchers studying sediments on the Azores, an archipelago of nine islands in the Atlantic Ocean, found evidence suggesting Vikings visited and lived on the islands around 700 CE – long before the Azores were ‘discovered’ in the 15th century by Portuguese sailors. Is it time the Vikings get their own cable TV network?

National Geographic reports that a seven-year-old sea lion named Cronutt underwent an experimental brain surgery that involved transplanting healthy pig neurons into his damaged hippocampus and the treatment cured his epileptic seizures – paving the way for possibly using pig brain cells to treat epilepsy in humans. Dr. Kramer – call your office.

Attendees at the  Consumer Electronics Show CES 2022 in Las Vegas saw the unveiling of the next generation in flying cars – the French company Maca showed its eco-friendly hydrogen-powered 23-foot-long ‘carcopter’ which is expected to hit a top speed of 155mph with low-noise propellers and no CO2 emissions. Meet George Jetson – 2022’s fastest pizza delivery guy.

A wildlife photographer who had spent five hours watching starlings in Israel’s northern Jordan Valley got the photo and experience of a lifetime when he captured an enormous flock suddenly converge in the sky in the shape of a giant bent spoon – this was a type of collectively steered flock called a murmuration. Uri Geller – eat your heart out.

University of Waterloo researchers are developing a new technology called “Typealike” that uses combinations of hand gestures to carry out commands on computers. Sounds promising, but your mouse doesn’t get confused when you stop to pick your nose.

NASA reports that only three more major deployments are needed to unfold and set up the mirror segments to make the James Webb Space Telescope operational. Does NASA make house calls to IKEA customers with problems setting up bookcases?

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