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Ghost Hunter Photographs Possible Viking Soldier Haunting Woods in Conisbrough

When it comes to ghosts, the UK Is like the Cheesecake Factory menu – there’s something for everybody. However, some items are pretty rare so, like a good Cheesecake Factory chef who can make anything and everything, a good British paranormal investigator has a medium who can communicate with any spirit and help identify them. That describes paranormal partners Dean and Veronica Buckley, who recently encountered a strange apparition in Conisbrough that Dean managed to photograph and Veronica identified as a Viking. What was a Viking doing living – and dying – in Conisbrough?

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The woods of Conisbrough where the ghost was seen (Dean Buckley)

“Medium Veronica Buckley said he is a spirit of a Viking soldier around 29 years of age who lost his life in a small battle attacking Conisbrough locals toward the end of the 8th century. His name was Thorald.”

While most paranormal investigators visiting Conisbrough like to focus on the very haunted Conisbrough Castle, Dean Buckley says in an email that he and Veronica were walking in the woods that were once the Cadeby Pit. In 1912, this was the site of the Cadeby Main Pit Disaster – a coal mining accident that killed 91 men in two underground explosions. However, the apparition in one of Dean’s photographs of the area was no miner – it was an oddity perhaps best described as a penitent Viking.

Photograph said to be of a Viking ghost (Dean Buckley)

“He told veronica he came from Sweden. He had some rank in the army and was a soldier who obeyed the rules.”

Except on the day he died.

“He said he wasn't in England long before he died. He was robbing people and was killed in an attack by a local from Conisbrough. He died with several knife wounds. He loved his wife and son who are back home. He lost his life so close to the River Don on the Conisbrough side not far where the Earth Centre is today.”

Conisbrough, a town in the Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster in South Yorkshire, is built alongside the River Don. The Earth Centre was a visitor attraction providing both education and entertainment around environmental issues that closed in 2004. Conisbrough contains what is believed to be the oldest building in South Yorkshire – the 8th-century Anglo-Saxon St Peter's Church. That would have made it attractive to the Vikings who were raiding churches and monasteries at the time – low-hanging fruit for such powerful marauders. It lends credence to the possibility of this particular Swedish Viking being in Conisbrough and being killed committing a robbery instead of bloody attacks and pillaging.

“Some nights he came close to us in the area you can feel him watching us.”

Dean Buckley spends quite a bit of time in the area – he’s photographed ghosts like the Mexborough Ragger in the haunted Cadeby Tunnel and the White Ladies at Conisbrough Castle. Now he can add the Cadeby Viking to the list.

Special thanks to Dean and Veronica Buckley for sharing their photos and experiences with the penitent Viking. Now it’s time for a visit to the Cheesecake Factory.

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Paranormal investigators Dean and Veronica Buckley (Dean Buckley)

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