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Naked Extraterrestrial Captured on Trail Cam at Montana UFO Hotspot?

In 1970, Allen Funt, the creator of the original and still most famous hidden camera, practical joke reality show, Candid Camera, released an X-rated movie called What Do You Say to a Naked Lady? with an obvious premise that warranted the famous “adults only” X-rating. In late 2021, a trailer was released for “Redgate” which was touted as a “True story film, with real footage of UFOs and Aliens” ... including trail cam footage of what was described as a “naked alien.” What do you say to a naked alien? Until the movie is released (no date yet), let’s focus on what do you say ABOUT a naked alien … particularly one recorded in a known UFO hotspot location in Montana.

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Was it a full alien Monty?

“The first one to think it was a person, but then the more I look at it was just odd, it was out of place and everything just matches the alien persona the bigger bulbous head, you can tell he has no clothes, it’s kind of a transparent being.”

The Sun this week featured the story of Donald Bromley, who claims to be a hunter in the Redgate area near the city of Deer Lodge in western Montana. (More on Redgate later.) Bromley says he had a large number of hidden cameras in Redgate in 2019 to track deer, wolves and other animals. When he saw he one particular recording (watch it here), he suspected it was an “alien persona” because the Redgate area has a history of UFOs and strange paranormal activity, as he described to KXLF.

“It’s just very rich in the paranormal field, like the UFOs, lights in the sky unexplainable things.”

It’s also very difficult to get to, which convince Bromley what he recorded was not a human – especially since no other trail cam sensors were tripped. Word of the video then reached Patrick W. Cutler, a Montana independent filmmaker and host of the Prison City Podcast – Deer Lodge is the home of the Montana State Prison. Cutler knows the history of the Redgate area – he told KXLF the name goes back 50 or more years to a bloody murder.

“Basically, there was a guy who had a farm or homestead and he came home one day from work and basically murdered his entire family and painted their gate red with their blood.”

From there, strange things began happening near Deer Lodge.

“There have been several people they’re driving around and they see something really bizarre just fly across the sky out of nowhere. I’ve heard stories of people just happen to be up here and out of nowhere their car just stalls out for no reason.”

A 2004 documentary titled “The Secret of Redgate” interviewed locals on their experiences with extraterrestrial beings, which many believe to be "Reticulians" or small grey aliens. Enough has happened since then to inspire Cutler to produce his own “Redgate” documentary with Bromley’s ‘naked alien’ as one of the new stories.

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I had a grey jumpsuit on!

What do you say to a naked alien? Bromley and Cutler don’t say, but it appears they both believe the Redgate area is a Montana paranormal and UFO hotspot and Bromley’s recorded being was not a human. We’ll just have to wait for the file to be released to find out.

What would Allen Funt say to a naked alien?

"Smile, you're on Candid Camera."

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