Jan 12, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Quantum Tornadoes, Bob Saget & Bigfoot, Garbage Ghost and More Mysterious News Briefly — January 11, 2022

A medical team at the University of Maryland Medical Center successfully transplanted a heart from a genetically engineered pig into a 57-year-old man in a medical first that could ease the transplantable organ shortage but must first get past bioethical concerns about transferring animal viruses, using animals as organ farms, and more. Not to mention the sudden pandemic of pigman jokes.

A man in Liverpool installed a new doorbell cam and is now worried his house or yard is haunted after it picked up a ‘ghost’ flying past him after he took out the garbage bins. Could it just be he needs to take the garbage out more often?

Millennium Tower – an expensive San Francisco condo tower opened in 2009 -- is now leaning 26 inches and is expected to tilt by a further three inches annually after work to stabilize it ended up adding to the problem … of course, management has assured residents it is in no danger of collapsing. I left my heart in San Francisco after looking out the window of the 58th floor of the Millennium Tower.

A senior executive at major chip maker AMD says the new Radeon RX 5500 XT unveiled at the CES 2022 was specifically designed to be optimized for gaming while being bad for doing blockchain or bitcoin mining activities in order to reduce issues of scalping and shortages. Gaming beats bitcoin mining – is this progress or a sign of the apocalypse?

A woman in England claims a psychic saved her life by telling her to “Do what it takes. Go to the extreme or you will die” about her weight – so she went to Turkey for gastric sleeve surgery and lost 230 pounds. Will her health insurance pay for the psychic?

As the entertainment world mourns the sudden passing of Bob Saget, the paranormal world remembers when he starred in “Let's Go Squatching: The Search for Bigfoot" as part of the 2010 documentary series, “Strange Days With Bob Saget,” and later may have had a Bigfoot experience in 2015 near Hell, Michigan. An all-around nice guy.

John Deere unveiled its first driverless tractor equipped with six stereo cameras, artificial intelligence and GPS to allow it to be controlled from a smartphone and run 24 hours a day. Coming soon -- videos of scarecrows running away scared.

An international team of astronomers using the European Space Agency's (ESA) Gaia satellite discovered the largest structure in the Milky Way – a hydrogen filament 55,000 light-years away from Earth that is 3,900 light-years long, 130 light-years wide and formed more than 13 billion years ago that they’ve named Maggie. Why? Does the morning sun when it’s in her face really show her age?

Those reluctant to blame humans for climate change can now blame beavers – researchers in Alaska found that the number of ponds made by the large rodents has doubled in the last 20 years … causing permafrost to thaw, releasing methane and carbon dioxide once stored in the frozen Earth. Damn beavers.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology captured images of super-cold atoms in the process of switching from being governed by classic physics to quantum physics and observed the string of particles devolve into a pattern of “quantum tornadoes.” We’re in big trouble if they also observed quantum sharks.

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