Jan 22, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Scot Records UFO While “Bagging a Munro”

Sir Sean Connery was well known and well paid for his Scottish accent, but he wasn’t known for dropping Scottish colloquialisms into conversations. That’s too bad, because the language is filled with them – “Yer bum's oot the windae” (You are lying), “Am a pure nick” (I am not looking my best) and “Yer oot yer face!” (You’re drunk) are just a few. Another Scottish saying popped up this week in of all places – a UFO report. What does it mean to “bag a munro” and who was doing it … the UFO witness or the UFO?

"It was a like a wee ball of power, I have no idea what it was, it was unbelievable. It was coming back, disappearing, shooting away. You could actually see it pulsing, it was just powerful.”

jonny mckenna rbrrFskGE5U unsplash 570x713
A bagger contemplating Ben Nevis, the highest munro in Scotland

Derek Craig of Knightswood in Glasgow was probably fair puckled (out of breath) from bagging a munro (climbing (bagging) one of Scotland’s 277 mountains that are at least 3,000 feet high (munros)) but he still managed to look up and see -- and record -- a UFO in the night sky on January 3rd. Derek tells The Daily Record he had just taken up the sport in March 2021 and was attempting to bag Ben Vorlich and Stùc a' Chroin – two close peaks in the southern part of the Scottish Highlands that are normally bagged together (double-bagging?). When asked if it was a shooting star, Craig sounded insulted.

"No, this thing just moves in so many directions, a shooting star shoots but this thing was doing loop-de-loops. At one point, it shoots right up and it pulses twice and it zooms away, it was like something out of Star Wars. It also zig-zags in the sky, disappears and then it just appears again."

As proof, he pulled out his phone and showed the video he took of the UFO and later posted on his YouTube channel – which was supposed to be for videos of his bagging conquests, not UFOs. You can see the original video here and a video here that his son took of the original that Craig thinks is better. Take a look and see if you agree with Derek Craig.

"I never thought before that there was, I was really skeptical but since I've seen this, I totally believe this was something else. That video has changed my beliefs. I don't think we're even human now, it's playing with my head that much. I can't stop thinking about it, it's absolutely changed my life."

jonny mckenna lHhqaXOJZRQ unsplash 570x713
Some creatures have an easier time bagging munros, like this ptarmigan

Did it change YOUR life? It’s definitely interesting and there were multiple witnesses, but it could have just been a drone. It would have been nice to hear what the other witnesses thought it was. Also, who goes bagging in the dark? Is this some kind of extreme bagging? Seems like you’d have to be oot yer face to attempt that. Derek Craig claims he’s a UFO believer now. Does this mean he’ll give up bagging munros for chasing ETs?

Whatever you plant to do, Derek, "Lang may yer lum reek!" (May you live long and stay well.)

Paul Seaburn

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