Jan 28, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Strange Animal Captured in Pennsylvania Resembles Texas Chupacabra

Fans of the cryptid called the Chupacabra know that its name means “goat-sucker” and it originated in Puerto Rico, so they’re often frustrated when Chupacabra stories pop up far from the island with no evidence of the blood of any goats or other animals being sucked. This is especially true in Texas, where unidentified doglike animals are often referred to as Chupacabras. Well, get ready to be frustrated again, folks – a mysterious animal was captured in Pennsylvania that looks a little like a dog or coyote but not enough to be positive, so it’s being called a … all together now … Chupacabra!

“I peeked outside the door, and that’s whenever I noticed the animal on the left hand side. And it was so scared and cold and shivering.”

Fairfield Township resident Christina Eyth told WXPI.com she followed tracks thinking her neighbor’s dog got lost and instead found an unidentifiable creature at her door. (Photos here.) After capturing it in her basement, she called her local animal rescue service TJ’s Rescue Hideaway, which brought in Morgan Barron, a certified wildlife rehabilitator at WildLife Works Mount Pleasant. With all of that wildlife expertise staring at the creature, it should have been quickly identified … right?

“I honestly can’t definitively say what it is, but to err on the side of caution, since they can carry rabies and since it might be a coyote ... (we will) get genetic testing done and go from there.”

DNA testing can take two to four weeks, so that leaves plenty of time for the “It’s a Chupacabra” crowd to make their case. It turns out Pennsylvania, which is a recognized Bigfoot hotspot, has had its share of Chupacabra sightings as well. There was one in Dauphin County in 2010 (Dauphin County is near Pittsburgh, while Fairfield Township is 160 miles away near Harrisburg), another in 2014 in Lemoyne, also near Harrisburg, and a strange one in York County (near Pennsylvania’s southern border with Maryland) in 2016 that was descried by a witness as:

“It's gray colored, looks like patchy kind of hair. Sort of coyote face. Long, long tail. Tall. Long legs. It's like this size of a greyhound do, maybe a little smaller. But this thing moved like a cat, but had little to no hair. Looks like a cross between a baby deer, cat, dog and kangaroo. I know that sounds crazy but that's the only way to describe it. Grayish brown in color.”

Those all sound like the Texas variety and are often identified eventually as a fox/coyote/dog/bear with mange … but not always. None of them resemble the scaly, upright-walking lizardish goat-sucker of Puerto Rican fame, and none of the reports include any accounts of dead livestock or pets. Yet the cry of “Chupacabra!” persists as does the fear of any doglike creatures with blotchy fur and a skinny body that makes their teeth look extra long.

292px Chupacabras
Drawing of an alleged Puerto Rico Chupacabra

“There was an animal in need, and I feel like I did the right thing either way.”

Kudos to Christina Eyth for conquering her fear and helping a strange creature that looked like it needed some. If only we felt that way about all creatures … including humans and extraterrestrials.

Perhaps that’s the real message being spread by the doglike version of the Chupacabra.

Paul Seaburn

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