Jan 13, 2022 I Nick Redfern

The U.K.’s Mysterious Alien Big Cat Phenomenon: Paranormal?

In his new article titled "Legendary Beast of Exmoor Possibly Photographed in Devon," Mysterious Universe's Paul Seaburn says: "Even if your dog is a trained attack canine, that last thing you want to meet on your morning walk is a cat whose nickname is “beast." That seem to be a common occurrence in the UK, with the latest encounter being between a fog walker near Brayford in Devon and the legendary Beast of Exmoor – an alien big cat with a reputation for leaping high fences and killing large numbers of sheep by ripping out their throats. Before you sneer and apply your favorite expression of disbelief, the incident was captured by a wildlife photographer at a distance of just 200 yards." Paul also says: "The Best of Exmoor doesn’t want to scare any tourists away, but the Beast of Exmoor has been linked to sheep killings, which could be due to dogs or other smaller wild animals or to cruel humans using them for rituals. Some even suggest the UK big cats are themselves demonic... " I'm pleased that Paul brought up the matter of the demonic side of all this. Most investigators of the Alien Big Cats (ABCs) phenomenon take the view that what we are dealing with are normal, large cats. And, that, perhaps, they have been roaming on  Exmoor for years. Certainly, that's the most logic scenario. However, there are some very strange things about the ABCs, as we shall see now. For example, how about Alien Big Cats and Crop Circles? Yes, you did get that right!

Chartley Crop Circle 570x428
(Nick Redfern) ABCs and Crop Circles?

In the summer of 2007, I spoke with Marcus Matthews, a researcher of mysterious, large cats in Britain, who told me that he was then currently investigating a case involving a person who had seen a "huge black cat" sitting inside the confines of a Wiltshire Crop Circle. Precisely how we explain these rogue cases that suggest a link between Crop Circles and exotic beasts and unknown animals, I have no firm idea. However, I am inclined to think we have not heard the last of such tales. I now have a number of ABC-Crop Circle-themed cases. I have no idea for why the ABCs might take a liking for Crop Circles, but, they do. Although many ABC researchers cringe and squirm when such matters are brought up, the fact is there are more than a few reports on record that place the ABCs in a category that is less flesh and blood-based and far more paranormal-themed. There are cases of the ABCs vanishing – literally – before the eyes of astonished witnesses. People report large black cat encounters in old graveyards, within ancient stone circles, and even – on a few occasions – in association with UFO sightings.

CATPIC 570x628
(Nick Redfern) I hastily photographed this blurry cat years ago. An Alien Big Cat? Hmm. It was big!

James Maguire is a now-retired fireman who encountered just such a creature on a bright, summer morning in 1978, and who I met in Exeter, England in the summer of 2001. At the time, James was living in Exwick, which is a town in the English county of Devon, and which is noted for its long history of encounters with Phantom Black Dogs. To what extent that is relevant is a matter of debate, but it is intriguing. According to James, on the day in question he was out walking with his spaniel dog, Sammy, on the Haldon Hills, which provide an expansive view of the area, including the nearby city of Exeter. As James and Sammy took a pleasant walk through the hills they found themselves confronted by a very strange animal. Around fifty or sixty feet away a large black animal rose out of the deep grass. At first James assumed it was a black Labrador. It was not. In mere seconds, James realized that what was walking towards him and his faithful pet was a large ABC that resembled a mountain lion. Sammy whimpered and James' heart thumped. When the animal reached a point around twenty feet from the terrified pair, something provoked even more terror: the huge cat rose up onto its back legs; they were legs that appeared to physically change as it transformed from a four-legged animal to a bipedal one. The pair fled the scene.

There’s another case in my files of an eyewitness encountering a supernatural ABC while out walking man’s best friend. Bob Parker experienced something strange on the Cannock Chase woods in Staffordshire, England in late 2000, while walking his dog on one particular Sunday morning. In this case, a large black cat came hurtling violently through the heather, skidded onto the pathway that Parker was following, and bounded off, apparently not at all bothered or concerned by the presence of either Bob or his little Corgi dog, Paddy. Of course, seeing a big cat was astounding enough in itself; but what happened next was just downright bizarre. Bob told me that: "Me and the dog just froze solid. I couldn’t believe it; could not believe it. But when [the cat] got about fifty feet from us, it literally sort of dived at the ground. It sort of took a leap up and almost dive-bombed the path, and went right through and vanished, just like that. I know exactly how it sounds, so don’t tell me. But that’s exactly what happened: it was like it just melted into the path."

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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