Jan 10, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Two UFO Sightings with Videos from Commercial Airplanes

Even during the pandemic shutdown, no groups spend more time at high altitudes looking out windows than airline pilots and their passengers … yet UFO sightings by either group seem few and far between. Are they not seeing anything? That seems unlikely. Are they afraid of ridicule or, in the case of pilots, reprimanding? That seems more the case, especially if they have no proof or corroborating witnesses. This makes two UFO sightings this week especially significant – one is by two pilots, one is by two airline passengers and both have videos of the UFOs. Will they be believed?

“Was flying along at 39,000 feet in an airbus a320 somewhere over georgia. took out my phone to take photos of the beautiful milky way. using the new iphone 13 pro max. tried to take a video of another aircraft flying just above us opposite direction at 40,000 ft. as i was filming this aircraft fly over us, i noticed this v shaped object appear.”

daniel eledut Ypg01IW0TRg unsplash 570x380
An Airbus 380 with plenty of windows for UFO spotting.

That report comes from the UFO Stalker website (which appears to have reposted it from the MUFON site) and implies that the witness was in the cockpit of an Airbus A320 passenger plane flying over Georgia on 1/3/2022 when the sighting occurred. The video of the sighting can be seen here or here. Unfortunately, there’s no indication that the crew attempted to contact the other aircraft in their view at the time to determine if they also saw the UFO. The witness merely says “both captain and i agreed we would like to remain anonymous” and “nothing was reported to faa or atc.” ATC is air traffic control and a call to it or the FAA would have required logging the sighting in the newly approved Pentagon database. Are pilots still afraid of reporting UFOs? The video is at night and poor quality, possibly due to the limitations of even the latest smartphone cameras. Other than the quick cut to the control panel, nothing else in the video can be used for perspective. One commenter suggested these are lights reflected from inside the cockpit on its window … but what pilots would make that mistake? At this point, there’s no way to positively identify these lights over Georgia.

"I was flying from Glasgow to London with my girlfriend. We left Glasgow Airport around 6am. Just before we prepared to land in Gatwick Airport I saw this strange object. I started to film it and took some pictures as well. It was far away from the plane that's why you can't see it very clear. It was roughly three to four miles away from our plane. It was hard to film it because you see it on video the plane was getting ready to land."

alonso reyes I0mQiK17gZA unsplash 570x855
Why don't more passengers watch for UFOs?

Marjol Cela saw her UFO out a plane window on 1/4/2022 and managed to get a clear but far away video of it. She gave the video to Glasgow Live and claims her fellow passenger also saw and recorded it. Cela somehow determined the UFO was four miles away and not a plane but “a flying object in disguise” that was not moving but “hovering." Watch the video here. Do you think it’s hovering? At first (and second and third) glance, it looks like another plane (sorry Marjol), a rocket launch or a meteor. Glasgow Live did not appear to investigate the UFO event any further, so there’s no positive identification yet. However, kudos go to Marjol Cela for quickly getting a decent video and reporting it to the media using her real name. It’s only with reports like these and follow-up investigations by the media or the government that UFOs will be identified.

That is, if the government really wants them to be identified.

In the meantime, keep looking out the windows and up at the sky … and keep your phone charged and ready.

Paul Seaburn

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