Jan 25, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Expert Claims Putin is Scaring Away Extraterrestrials

If you believe in the ‘Zoo Theory’ or one of the other conjectures centered around the idea that extraterrestrials are watching Earth and its inhabitants – either for our protection or their entertainment – then you might agree with recent comments by Nick Pope, England’s most well-known UFO expert. Pope implies that ETs are no longer worried about our own well-being -- especially with our propensity to build nuclear weapons and plants, but instead are worried about their own safety. And the human they seem to fear the most is … Vladimir Putin?

The Daily Star obtained quotes from Nick Pope, former UFO investigator at the British Government's Ministry of Defence (MoD), about the chances of ETs revealing themselves in some greater and confirming way – rather than just teasing us with glimpses of UFOs and their crews – anytime soon. Pope points to the escalating tensions between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukraine, the U.S.s, the U.K. and most of western Europe as the reason we shouldn’t hold our collective breaths.

“Highly evolved extraterrestrials probably regard warfare as something that only primitive civilizations engage in, so the Ukraine situation means we’re unlikely to get an invitation to join the Galactic Federation for the time being.”

Pope’s comments seem to imply the Galactic Federation – the alleged council of various alien species that rule over the cosmos – thinks Putin’s posturing will lead to war and that makes humans not worthy of further investigation or observation  ... even as captives in a galactic zoo. Pope thinks the impetus for this ET evacuation is the UK’s commitment to join in the fight to resist Putin.

“Aliens might wonder at the wisdom of the UK going up against Russia, but would probably realize that being in a coalition helps. And if they knew their Earth history, they’d know never to write off the Brits.”

Spoken like a true Brit – even though Pope has lived in the U.S. since 2012. Does he really think these things: a) ETs observing us think the history British military tells them everything they need to know about humanity; b) the current situation in Ukraine is the best indicator of the warring instinct of humans; c) Vladimir Putin is the most powerful force on Earth?

“Russia is increasingly preparing its military strength in the midst of the threat of the outbreak of World War 3.”

That quote from Bulukumba News matches many other media sources who think the buildup on the Ukraine border is a big deal. Only Nick Pope seems to think it’s a big deal to ETs. Does he know something we don’t?

On the other hand, what if he’s right? The U.S. and other world governments seem to suddenly be spending a lot of time and money on UFO investigations. If Putin is chasing them away, couldn’t those expenses be used elsewhere – like for bringing about world peace? Then again, if humans are no longer warmongers, that means the ETs will see Earth as a safe place to … to what? Pope thinks they would invite us to join the ‘Galactic Federation’. Wouldn’t that be like inviting an ant colony to join the United Nations?

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Coming or going?

All of this discussion seems to point to the real issue – humans aren’t too happy with how other humans are treating other humans … something which has nothing to do with UFOs and extraterrestrials and which we still have no idea how to deal with.

Sometimes it seems our problem is not the Fermi Paradox – it’s the Woe is Me Paradox.

Paul Seaburn

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