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UFO Tractor Beam, Ice Pancakes, Indestructible Bubbles and More Mysterious News Briefly — January 24, 2022

Mysterious News Briefly — January 24, 2022

Astronomers using the Hubble space telescope discovered a black hole at the center of the dwarf galaxy Henize 2-10 that is creating new stars rather than swallowing old ones in the usual black hole manner. Are some black holes tired of the negative publicity and changing their behavior?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has launched the anti-aging startup Alto Labs and hired Hal Barron, former chief scientific officer at the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, as the CEO to oversee the company goal of biological reprogramming to rejuvenate mature cells to repair bodies and cure age-related diseases. Get ready for boxes to start saying, “Brought to you forever by the immortal Jeff Bezos.”

A new study found that first bond with adults via saliva exchange – activities like kissing, sharing food, or wiping away food that gets spit out or never made it into their mouths. This changes when the child first understands the meaning of the word “Ewww.”

From the “It’s about time” file, the Visit Inverness Loch Ness tourism bureau has launched a promotional video featuring 13 different locations around Loch Ness where the Loch Ness monster has been seen throughout history, with details and stories told by locals. Nothing says you’re desperate for tourist dollars than telling people to come for our monster, stay for our souvenirs.

China has unveiled the world's largest electric-powered, camera-equipped quadruped bionic robot that is more than half as tall as an adult with a length of about two times its height and can carry up to 160 kg (352 pounds) while running at up to 10 kph (6.2 mph) in environments too dangerous for humans. Sounds like the perfect way to watch the Winter Olympics.

Fans of the video game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” may enjoy some new cryptid villagers developed by a fan – including the Fresno Nightcrawler, Chupcacabra, Mothman, the Jersey Devil and the Jackalope. Can you say “indoctrination”?

From the “Who funds these projects?” file comes a new study from the University of Lille in France in which researchers created water-glycerol-based “gas marble” bubbles that can live as long as 465 days and could one day be used in medicine and consumer products. Kids, get ready to hear your parents say, “We’re not buying you any more bubble liquid until the ones you made pop.

Archaeologists Dr. Alice Gorman and Dr. Justin Walsh of California’s Chapman University launched the first off-world archeological “dig” in which they will study objects on the International Space Station over 60 days to better understand how they affect the social and cultural dimensions of life on the ISS. The astronauts are hoping they help find their keys before the next return flight.

A vertical ray of light beaming down for three hours from a cloud over the Zigana ski area of northeastern Turkey had some people speculating it was a tractor beam from a UFO sucking up humans, but scientists said it was just Crepuscular rays which are due to more dust and ice crystals in the winter air, making rays passing through the clouds more visible. “Remember that one if we get captured,” thought the aliens in the ship.

Chicago residents walking along Loyola beach on the shore of Lake Michigan were treated to thousands of mysterious ice pancakes on the lake’s surface – they’re formed when small chunks of ice break off and rub against each other, forming rough circular shapes with raised edges around their perimeters. That’s always a big disappointment to tourists who show up with frozen maple syrup.

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