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AI Tarot Cards, ISS Stinks, Crows vs. Smokers and More Mysterious News Briefly — February 1, 2022

Mysterious News Briefly — February 1, 2022

The Swedish startup Corvid Cleaning is training crows to pick up litter in exchange for food as a way for cities to save money in cleaning up cigarette butts since anti-littering programs have not worked on humans. Why not just train pigeons to poop on smokers?

The James Webb Space Telescope is still months from being operational, but an excited NASA announced the first star it will observe is HD 84406, a sun-like star about 260 light years away near the Big Dipper. Anyone can see the Big Dipper – this is like using the Large Hadron Collider to microwave leftovers.

Dr. Stefan Schiller and Dr. Matthias Huber from the University of Freiburg's livMatS Cluster of Excellence have succeeded in developing a working muscle using only natural proteins – in this case, elastin – and fueled by a chemical reaction started with sodium sulfite. Just when you thought the series was over, get ready for ‘All-Natural Rocky VI’.

The Swedish musician and AI enthusiast known as Supercomposite is using artificial intelligence to create hundreds of new tarot cards and the images are a creepy collage of humanoid characters with holes for faces, monstrous creatures with weird colors and other scenes that could add a strange new dimension to tarot readings. (See them here.) It will be impressive if the AI Joker is creepier than Joaquin Phoenix’s version.

The Fukushima nuclear accident occurred in 2011, but a new study found it’s taken until now for trees exposed to the radiation to show abnormal growth such as whorls – the places on plants where foliage like leaves, petals or needles spread out from a central point – exhibiting irregular shapes or no whorls at all in direct correlation to the amount of radiation they were exposed to. Sad news for everyone but screenwriters looking for plots for the next dystopian monster movies.

Archeologists conducting soil analyses on sinkholes on the Yucatan peninsula found biomarkers unique to cacao and evidence of ancient ceremonial rituals such as staircase ramps for processions and concluded that these are the long lost sacred cacao groves of the ancient Maya. Now they need to look for paintings of Maya leaders with chocolate milk mustaches.

Researchers at Princeton University have found a way to make yeast cultures glow when producing next generation biofuels by having the yeast light up when near cells that could be used for high-powered bio jet fuels. We saw Glowing Yeast open for Bread.

It’s bad enough that babies are getting their own cellphones, but now dogs will want them too – a new app called Smart Snout uses fingerprint technology to record your dog’s nose print so it can be tracked and returned home if it runs away. If you don’t think your dog is excited about this idea, check the glass on the back door.

To help actor Tom Cruise get ready to shoot a movie on the International Space Station, veteran NASA astronaut Victor Glover warned him that the worst part of life on the ISS is the smell – it’s the worst in the exercise module which also has the bathroom … Glover calls it the “most odoriferous module.” Suggestion for the opening song for the movie soundtrack – ‘Love Stinks’ by the J. Geils Band.

It’s too late to help them now, but scientists studying the sediment at the Tanis geological site  located in the Hell Creek Formation in North Dakota have determined that the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event – the meteorite impact which killed off the dinosaurs some 66 million years ago – occurred in the month of June. Talk about ruining the first picnic of the summer.

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