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Electric DeLorean, Chihuahua’s Ghost, Phoenix Lights and More Mysterious News Briefly — February 16, 2022

Mysterious News Briefly — February 16, 2022

Cruise Loch Ness, an award-winning tour businesses on Loch Ness, is up for sale by the family that founded it in 1968 and has hunted for Nessie ever since. The most valuable part of the package is the airtight legal clause stating there’s no guarantee you’ll actually see Nessie.

The new DeLorean Motor Company announced it is bringing back the classic gull-wing sports car as an electric vehicle called DeLorean Evolved. That explains why electric companies are swamped with people wanting their home charging systems upgraded to 1.21 gigawatts.

An elongated, cone-shaped skull with a possible metal implant currently owned by the Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma City is being analyzed to determine if it is the earliest evidence from Peru of an ancient surgical implant or a modern-day forgery. Until it’s verified, anyone thinking it’s real also has a hole in their head.

A 5,000-year-old chalk drum discovered alongside the burial of three children in east Yorkshire is being called one of the “most famous and enigmatic ancient objects ever unearthed in Britain” because it’s actually a rare fully-intact sculpture dating back to the building of Stonehenge. The British Museum needs to label it as a sculpture so some bored security guard doesn’t try beating on it like a drum.

A leather aviator’s helmet has been confirmed to have been worn by Amelia Earhart during an air race in 1929 and will be up for auction this month with the expected price to be more than $80,000, possibly six figures. Flying is safer today, but pilots might want to wear helmets to protect themselves from passengers.

German astronomers have discovered a strange new type of star covered in helium ashes which may be the result of a rare stellar merger event between two white dwarf stars that were in a binary system and one was helium-rich while the other was loaded with carbon and oxygen. We saw Helium Ash open for Wishbone Ash.

A woman in England claims her house is haunted by the ghost of her deceased father’s Chihuahua, who was buried with him – she hears the sound of tiny nails clicking on the floor and has seen the tiny dog in a doorway. Annoying and a little scary, but she’s probably glad he didn’t get a pit bull.

The mysterious Chupacabra-like creature that was captured and then escaped from a Pennsylvania rehabilitation center has been identified through DNA testing as a coyote, but wildlife officials in Fairfield Township hold little hope it will be recaptured. Despite the diagnosis, Pennsylvania goats are still nervous.

Any mysterious lights over the capital of Arizona are destined to be compared to THE Phoenix Lights, and that happened on February 14 as a video was uploaded by a person who claimed it was iPhone 13 footage from south of Maricopa and the witness claimed they were flickering different colors when observed through binoculars. When it comes to these videos, we need a new designation called Phoenix Lights Lite.

A woman of mixed race appears to be the third person ever to be cured of H.I.V., using a new method involving umbilical cord blood from a partially matched donor and blood from a close relative to give her body temporary immune defenses until the transplant began working. Proof once again that good science takes time as long as one can survive the wait.

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