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Govt. Documents Released Showing Brazilian Indigenous People Had UFO and Alien Encounters 2013-2016

A UFO investigator in Brazil has come forward with a startling revelation – official documents from the Brazilian government detailing UFO encounters with indigenous people between 2013 and 2016, videos of their testimonies, videos of UFOs and evidence of possible alien contact … some which was violent and possibly fatal.

“The investigation by Rony Vernet, engineer and researcher of unidentified aerial phenomena, culminated in the release of more than 120 pages of official documents by the Brazilian government and more than 20 minutes of videos, including the affected indigenous people testimonials as well as a UAP footage filmed by Paula Colares, who was doing her doctoral research in anthropology in the tribe.”

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The UFOs reportedly shot beams of light at the people on the ground.

Rony Vernet is an electronics and computer engineer, UAP researcher and the founder of UAP Brazil, where he first revealed the fruits of his Freedom of Information request to the Brazilian government for what were UAP encounters beginning in 2013 by members of the Kampa do Amônia Indigenous Tribe living in the Apiwtxa Village in the sparsely populated, rainforest covered state of Acre in northwestern Brazil on the Peruvian border. While the initial UFO sightings were just that, the documents (read them here) revealed the first violent contact occurred on on July 24, 2014, when a UAP reportedly “descended into the village and fired light beams at the indigenous people.” In an interview with The Daily Star, Vernet shared more from the documents.

"People jumped scared out of the house, which led to one of the women, three months pregnant, to lose the child. According to the people who witnessed the fact, the light – in the colours green and red – is very strong, fast and silent and approaches the house without anyone noticing, with the light low and then increases its bright.”

Vernet says the villagers asked for help from the National Indigenous Foundation (FUNAI), which contacted the Federal Police and the Armed Forces. Meanwhile, the UAP sightings continued into 2015, prompting an investigation to be opened by the Federal Public Ministry after University College London researcher and anthropologist Carolina Comandulli also witnessed one of the UAPs. Coincidentally, the sightings in Apiwtxa village ended in 2015. However, the violent contacts picked up a year later.

“This time in the Kampa and Isolados do Envira indigenous tribe, when a light phenomenon descended and was received with shotgun fire by an indigenous person who then received a beam of light and had to be hospitalized.”

A news account, translated on the UAP Brazil website, says the villagers Indians thought it was a drone at first, but changed their minds when “it burned the beaks of all the lanterns and emitted strong electrical discharges.” Indigenous professor Airton Silva de Oliveira interviews the witness, who told him the UAP “turned on red, blue and green lights” and had an odor of burning tires.

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What was the origin of these UAPs?

In addition to the testimonies in the more than 120 pages of official documents, the cache also included more than 20 minutes of videos filmed by Paula Colares (watch them here), who was doing her doctoral research in anthropology with the tribe. The videos are available for viewing on the UAP Brazil website, as are the government documents, which Rony Vernet translated into English.

Kudos are in order for Rony Vernet, whose dogged efforts paid off with the release of the documents and videos, and who later spent countless hours translating them to English. Kudos also go to the researchers who interviewed the indigenous villagers and recorded their experiences, and to Paula Colares who recorded the UAPs.

There’s still one batch of kudos left – for the person(s) who identify what these Brazilian villagers saw.

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