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Has the U.S. Government Quietly Followed the Sinister Activities of the Real Men in Black?

Well, the answer to the question above is a definitive "Yes!" The U.S. government may not have much understanding of who the Men in Black really are, but the military, and various agencies, have certainly followed the activities of the MIB. As you will see now. Thanks to the phenomenally successful Men in Black movie franchise, there can be very people who have not heard of the sinister MIB. In the movies starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as agents "J" and "K," the MIB are employed by a secret government body that is dedicated to wiping out hostile aliens on the Earth. The reality of the Men in Black, however, is very different. Unlike their movie counterparts, the real MIB are described as looking definitely non-human: their skin is extremely pale, they have large, bulging eyes; they are extremely skinny and often very tall. In other words, they don’t even look like regular people. This has given rise to the theory that the MIB may be alien-human hybrids. Possibly, even supernatural entities. Not only that, there is strong evidence that suggests the U.S. Government has secretly investigated the MIB phenomenon, to try and figure out who - or what - the Men in Black are.

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(Nick Redfern) Men in Black: What does the U.S. Government Know?

Thanks to the U.S. Freedom of Information Act legislation, we now have in our possession a number of official, previously secret, U.S. military documents that confirm those secret investigations, that were clearly covered up at the time the government was doing its utmost to solve the mysterious riddle of who these strange characters were. Now, to the next part: John Keel was not only the author of the acclaimed book, The Mothman Prophecies. He was also someone who dug very deeply into the matter of the MIB, who they were, and where they came from. In February 1967, Keel had the opportunity to speak with Colonel George P. Freeman. Colonel Freeman, of the U.S. Air Force, made the following, written statement about the MIB. Keel took careful note of it: "Mysterious men dressed in Air Force uniforms or bearing impressive credentials from government agencies have been silencing UFO witnesses. We have checked a number of these cases, and these men are not connected to the Air Force in any way. We haven’t been able to find out anything about these men. By posing as Air Force officers and government agents, they are committing a Federal offense. We would sure like to catch one – unfortunately the trail is always too cold by the time we hear about these cases, but we are still trying."

Less than one month later, specifically on March 1, 1967, Lieutenant General Hewitt T. Wheless, USAF, penned the following memo. It was widely circulated within the military: "Information, not verifiable, has reached HQ USAF that persons claiming to represent the Air Force or other Defense establishments have contacted citizens who have sighted unidentified flying objects. In one reported case, an individual in civilian clothes, who represented himself as a member of NORAD, demanded and received photos belonging to a private citizen." The document continues: "In another, a person in an Air Force uniform approached local police and other citizens who had sighted a UFO, assembled them in a school room and told them that they did not see what they thought they saw and that they should not talk to anyone about the sighting. All military and civilian personnel and particularly information officers and UFO investigating officers who hear of such reports should immediately notify their local OSI offices." Clearly, not only does the above-documentation demonstrate that the Men in Black were nothing to do with the government; it also shows that the government had no more understanding of who the MIB were than did the average UFO researcher. Moving on to the FBI…

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(Nick Redfern) Bender, Barker and the G-Men

In 1956, paranormal/UFO investigator Gray Barker wrote and published a book titled They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers. A significant percentage of the book was focused on the MIB-themed experiences of Albert Bender, who, in the early 1950s, established the International Flying Saucer Bureau (in Bridgeport, Connecticut). It wasn’t long before the IFSB was no more. Bender supposedly closed it down after receiving repeated, menacing visits from the Men in Black. Bender’s MIB were far less like 1950s-era G-Men or agents of the CIA. They were far more like something from the pages of a Bram Stoker novel, mixed in with a greater than liberal sprinkling of H.P Lovecraft. As a result of the publication of Barker's book, a number of people contacted the FBI, demanding to know who the dark-suited silencers really were – and particularly because certain ufologists, such as Barker, were claiming the MIB were from "the government."

The FBI has declassified some of its documents on Bender and Barker. They demonstrate something notable. Namely, that just like the U.S. military, the FBI too had no real understanding of who the MIB were; but, they knew the MIB existed and were terrorizing people. On January 22, 1959, none other than J. Edgar Hoover instructed the Chicago office of the FBI: "The Bureau desires to obtain a copy of the book written by Gray Barker entitled 'They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers.'" Records demonstrate that behind closed doors and after reading Barker’s book, the FBI was as baffled in the Fifties as the Air Force was, almost a decade later.

Nick Redfern

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