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Millionaire Bigfoot, Moon Mistake, Ghost Village and More Mysterious News Briefly — February 15, 2022

Mysterious News Briefly — February 15, 2022

If you need proof Canadians are serious about Bigfoot, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport gave a $1 million grant for the expansion of the Visitor Centre and Sasquatch Museum in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, to help celebrate “Harrison’s long history with the Sasquatch and the Sts’ailes people.” Shouldn’t Bigfoot get a percentage?

Tourists are flocking to the village of Aceredo in Galicia, Spain, which disappeared in 1992 when it was flooded to create Alto Lindoso reservoir but has now reappeared as a ghost village due to severe drought conditions. Besides tourists, there are undoubtedly a few locals looking for lost keys, remotes and left socks.

A security camera in the Álvaro Obregón neighborhood of Ciudad Cuauhtemoc in the west-central part of the Mexican state of Chihuahua recorded a huge flock of yellow-headed blackbirds (Xanthocephalus) flying directly into the ground, leaving hundreds of dead birds on the ground – a veterinarian on the scene said the birds may have been affected by local pollution, cold temperatures, or nearby powerlines. Or is this what happens when they decide to follow one charismatic lead bird?

In a discovery worthy of a Jurassic Park movie, paleontologists in Australia found a fossilized medium-sized Cretaceous crocodile with a newly eaten chicken-sized dinosaur in its stomach – a double-discovery of a new species of crocodile and proof that crocs ate dinosaurs. Did it think it tasted like chicken?

Spiky flat stones found at Iwatsuki Castle and Hachioji Castle in Japan may be 430-year-old ninja weapons that were the forerunners to the famous throwing stars seen in ninja movies. Directors are grateful they were replaced because metal shows up better on screen.

It turns out that upper stage of a 2015 SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that astronomers were confidently predicting would crash into the Moon on March 4 – and eliciting strong finger-wagging at Elon Musk – is more likely a Chinese rocket from the Chang'e 5-T1 mission launched in October 2014 to send a small spacecraft to the Moon. Don’t be surprised if Teslas sold in China are only equipped with the fart horn.

Swedish composer Fredrik Gran joined forces with the KUKA robotics company to produce a ‘Robot Cellist’ that played a cello with a unique mechanical style and technique that still sounded like a human was wielding the bow. We’ll be impressed when a robot fiddler can play “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

Researchers from the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales have been using sheep to test a device called Phoenix 99, which wirelessly relays electric signals from a small camera attached to a pair of sunglasses directly to the wearer’s retinas which then get processed by the optical nerve and sent into the brain – they are now ready to test these bionic eyes on humans. The sheep think the glasses should be called Ray-Baa-ans.

Neuralink still plans to human trials later this year despite the fact that its brain-computer implants killed five out of 23 rhesus macaques monkeys they were tested in due to chip malfunctions. You first, Elon.

Researchers excavating the ancient Egyptian city of Athribis have discovered more than 18,000 ostraca or pottery shard “notepads” that were cheap alternatives to papyrus used 2000 years ago for business, schoolwork, art and religion. How did they stick pottery shards on their refrigerators? (Asking for a friend who is a proud but confused mom.)

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