Feb 11, 2022 I Nick Redfern

Nightmares of Nuclear Destruction: Just Dreams or Something Else?

Back in 2017, I wrote a 3-part article here at Mysterious Universe on the matter of apocalyptic dreams of nuclear war. Over a period of several weeks, numerous people came forward with eerily similar accounts of worldwide destruction and of billions of people dead. As for the small numbers of survivors, they struggled to stay alive in a near-destroyed world. In the second week of August 2017, three people contacted me with stories of atomic Armageddon in the near future. In their accounts, things began when North Korea provoked a war that grew and grew – and to the point where there was no turning back. And, in mere hours, the world was in ruins. On August 8, I received a Facebook message from a guy named Kenny, who had a horrific dream of nuclear war two nights earlier. Kenny lives in San Bernardino, California and woke up suddenly in the dead of night in a state of terror. As Kenny explained, in his dream he was sitting in the living-room of a house in a small town outside of Lubbock, Texas. Kenny had no idea of the name of the town, only that he knew it was near Lubbock – a place he has never visited. In the dream, Kenny heard a sudden and deep rumbling sound that seemed to be coming from somewhere faraway. He went to the screen door, puzzled, and peered outside. To his horror, Kenny could see way off in the distance, the one thing which none of us ever want to see: a huge, nuclear mushroom cloud looming large and ominous on the horizon.

37  Atomic bomb US Dept of Energy 570x681
(U.S. Department of Energy)

As I noted, some people who had terrifying images in their dreams of nuclear war wondered if they were seeing something akin to a "parallel universe." Of course, though, there is no proof that parallel worlds exist. It should be noted that a lot of the people who came forward with their nightmares had them when there were deep concerns about the aforementioned North Korea. There's a reason why I make a mention of this today. Five of the people who contacted me back in 2017 - and with regard to their own dreams of a Third World War - have contacted me again over the past 9 days. Of course, there is a good reason for those nightmares. It's looking us all right in the eyes: the Ukraine, Russia and the United States. It's not a surprise people are having what I call "nuclear nightmares." The big question is: are these nightmares just the result and product of what we are seeing on the news (in my case it's CNN and only CNN)? Or, are these very same people seeing something similar to what I discussed above: a parallel realm?  The most likely scenario is that the current climate is getting people antsy . Very antsy.

Trinity Detonation TB 570x336
(U.S. Department of Energy)

I do, however, find it intriguing that some of the people who contacted me back in 2017 with nuclear nightmares should be the very same ones who are contacting me now. The fact that nothing happened back in 2017 is a very good thing. And, it suggests that - if we look at things logically - if the dreams didn't come true in 2017 (and they didn't), then we have nothing to worry about now. On the other hand, however, it might be interesting to see how many people - right now - are having these terrifying images in their minds. In 2017 I suggested people come forward with their nightmares. Should anyone else, today, come forward with similar dreams, like the last time, I would be very interested to hear from them. And, another thing: three of the people saw the war beginning in a heavily snowy environment. Maybe that means something. On the other hand, though, maybe it just means people are worried abut what they see on the TV. I guess it's time to just watch and wait. I'll keep the readers of Mysterious Universe informed. One last thing: every one of the new batch of nightmares portrayed the nuclear explosions on faraway horizons. Never, for example, right above a city. Or, at a close environment. Whether that means anything - or nothing at all - I don't know.

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