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Snowgopogo Monster, Giant Robot Bartender, Supermountains and More Mysterious News Briefly — February 7, 2022

Mysterious News Briefly — February 7, 2022

A South Korean company is selling the “Kosk” -- an anti-virus mask that that only covers the nose, making it perfect to wear while eating and drinking. You won’t think it’s fine if you can’t dine without sniffing your wine.

Scientists at the University of Washington discovered that mosquitos, after inhaling the carbon dioxide we humans exhale, fly toward specific colors, including red, orange, black and cyan, but ignore green, purple, blue and white -- human skin, regardless of overall pigmentation, emits a strong red-orange "signal" to their eyes. Moral: never fight a bull in a mosquito swarm with a red cape.

According to a new study, over 2 billion years ago Earth had 'supermountains' three times longer than the Himalayas that split ancient supercontinents in two and dumped huge amounts of nutrients into the sea as they eroded -- speeding up energy production and supercharging the creation and evolution of complex cells and marine life. First thoughts of complex cells – “If only we had skis.”

Using a combination of data from NASA's Juno probe and the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have identified a complex 'tug-of-war' between Jupiter's rapid rotation and the release of sulphur and oxygen from volcanoes on its moon, Io, which causes aurorae to light up in Jupiter's upper atmosphere. It’s a waste if there’s no life forms on either one to go “Oooh … ahhh!”

Bristol University scientists inspired by insects have developed a tiny flying robot weighing about 0.01lbs (5g) with a wing span of 5.9 inches (15cm) and a top speed of 1.6mph which can be used to look for survivors in disaster zones or pollinating crops. Coming soon to pay-per-view – the first battle between an insect robot and a Venus flytrap.

The legendary Battle of Alalia took place between 540 BCE and 535 BCE off the coast of Corsica when the Greek fleet fought the allied Etruscans and Carthaginians and now archeologists have found a well-preserved pair of warrior’s helmets from the battle in a ruined temple at Velia, an ancient Greek colony in southern Italy. Did the Greeks lose their helmets because they weren’t bearing gifts?

A woman in Quesnel, British Columbia, has created her own winter cryptid – a Snowgopogo giant snow sculpture that resembles a frozen Ogopogo from Okanagan Lake. Come on, Scots – time for an Ice Block Ness Monster.

A man in China who suffered for years from chronic headaches finally got an MRI and his doctors discovered a bullet that had been lodged in his skull for twenty years after his brother accidentally shot him with an air gun and they decided to hide it from their parents. Whose insurance had to pay for it?

For those watching the movie "Moonfall" and wondering (spoiler alert) if a mysterious force could really knock our Moon out of its orbit and send it on a collision course toward Earth, a new study reassures that thee are no known asteroids the size of the Moon, which is the mass needed to cause a planetary billiard collision. What about if the gods took up curling? (Asking for a friend watching too much Winter Olympics coverage.)

Engineers at Florida International University’s Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management invented the world’s first interactive robot bartender – a 7-foot-tall A.I. mixologist named Cecelia who can pour 120 drinks an hour while cracking bad jokes. At that size, she should transform in to a taxi to drive you home.

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