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Cattle Mutilation, Time Traveler, Fermi Bubbles and More Mysterious News Briefly — March 17, 2022

Mysterious News Briefly — March 17, 2022

Mat Carter, a rancher from the Crown Cattle Company in John Day, Oregon, added another death to his state’s long list of mysterious and unsolved cattle mutilation cases – a prize bull had been killed on his ranch with its testicles, scrotum, tongue and lips precisely removed. What should Oregon ban – surgical knives, cattle ranching or ETs?

Archaeologists helping to restore the fire-damaged Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris discovered burial sites "of remarkable scientific quality" including a "completely preserved, human-shaped sarcophagus made of lead" – after inserting an endoscopic camera, they determined the remains were of a senior dignitary who died in the 1300s. No hunchback so no movie potential.

A new study found that dogs can recognize when their own body is an obstacle or barrier to getting something they want as opposed to any old obstacle or barrier to success. Of course, the biggest obstacle to dogs becoming successful is still squirrels.

Not all toads croak – an Ecuadorian brown toad called Rhinella festae was thought to be mute when it was discovered 100 years ago, but a biologist recently caught one that emits a chirp like a cricket, which can be heard one kilometer (.6 miles) away and is thought to be a form of greeting. A greeting to whom -- other brown toads or crickets about to meet a sticky tongue?

The Philadelphia Zoo announced the birthdays of the world’s oldest blue-eyed black lemurs – Stewart the male is 32 and his sister Bardot is 30. Blue-eyed black lemurs and spider monkeys are the only two primates other than humans that have true blue eyes, but they couldn’t convince Crosby, Stills and Nash to sing "Suite: Bardot Blue Eyes."

Researchers from the University of Washington developed solar-powered miniature sensor-carrying devices that can be blown by the wind like dandelion seeds for up to 100 meters (328 feet) before landing to provide real-time information about on-ground conditions to farmers. Farmers with hay fever are not pleased.

Those two giant Fermi bubbles that straddle the Milky Way's center in an enormous hourglass shape may have formed in a 100,000-year-long explosion at our galaxy's center, according to  new research. Just before it began, did someone say: “Hold my Milky Way Beer and watch this”?

Carnegie Mellon University engineers recently created a new system that allows users to control a robotic hand and arm remotely, simply by demonstrating the movements they want it to replicate in front of a camera. Needless to say, the first thing the hand learned to do was flip the bird.

NASA released a beautiful image of a star taken by the James Webb Space Telescope to demonstrate that every one of its optical parameters have been checked and tested and are performing at or above expectations. Next comes training the telescope to beam a digital signal at a target to “Say cheese.”

A TikTok time traveler "from the year 2236" claims “a very popular musician will come out and admit he faked his own death” on September 16, 2022. Most commenters guess it’s  Michael Jackson or Tupac Shakur, although this could be an opportunity for a current singer with sagging sales to do a quick fake death turnaround.

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