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Fukushima UFOs, Giant Dolphins, Hellhound House and More Mysterious News Briefly — March 22, 2022

Mysterious News Briefly — March 22, 2022

If you’re looking for new ways to feel freezing, physicists at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, developed a new phase of ice called Ice-VIIwhich is a tetragonal arrangement of crystals discovered in brief transitions between ice phases at high pressures which in not natural on Earth but could be a form of ice on exoplanets. Not to mention the perfect name for the first seventh-generation hip-hop artist.

For those watching the organization recruit for Moon missions, NASA currently has a lower radiation threshold for female astronauts because studies showed when women and men were exposed to high levels of radiation for similar periods of time, women had more than twice the risk that men did of developing lung cancer – but the restriction has a waiver which can be applied to the Moon or longer missions. The Moon will still be a no-smoking zone.

Researchers digging in Peru's Ocucaje desert uncovered the skull of an enormous marine predator – the skull alone is four feet long and the creature probably reached 39 feet  – that is lined with knife-like teeth, a new species of Basilosaurus, and possibly the ancestor of modern whales and dolphins. A 39-foot, sharp-toothed dolphin – we’re gonna need a bigger aquarium with thicker glass.

If you’re wondering why Antarctica has no polar bears, experts say it’s a combination of bears in general being a northern hemisphere species, polar bears being a relatively young species and, if they actually made it to South America, would have had far too much food in Argentina to risk swimming the cold ocean to Antarctica. Penguins are still nervous.

Samples of ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica dating back 60,000 years show signs of thousands of volcanic eruptions stretching back to the last Ice Age, with 25 of the eruptions larger than anything Earth has seen in the last 2,500 years and 85 eruptions large enough to leave evidence at both poles – and these types of eruptions are due to happen again, possibly in the next hundred years. Don’t put off that new roof.

That former 17th century church in a residential neighborhood Cwmbran, South Wales, with a graveyard that is allegedly haunted by "the black hound of the underworld" sold as a house for just under $70,000. Did the inspection include an exorcism?

Don’t toss those coffee grounds – new research finds they can be converted into environmentally friendly electrode coatings for sensitive neurochemistry measurements in probes used to measure brain activity. The electrodes with regular coffee coatings are the jittery ones.

UFOs were spotted over Fukushima 11 years after the earthquake and nuclear plant meltdown and at the same time as the most recent earthquake in the area – adding to the growing list of UFO sightings in a city that recently opened a UFO research lab to study them. If you listen to UFO researchers talking about them, don’t say they seem to drone on and on.

A new study found the world is nearly 50-50 split between introverts and extroverts but extroverts benefit from an “extroversion bias” as a result of being described with positive adjectives, like “outgoing,” “high energy” and “chatty,” while introverts are negatively called “withdrawn,” “shy” and “quiet.” If you’re looking for a compatible date, librarians love introverts.

A man in Alberta fishing on the famous Fraser River in British Columbia caught an enormous sturgeon estimated to be 10.5 feet long, weigh 600 pounds and be as much as 100 years old – don’t worry, he released it. But not before bragging to tourists from Scotland.

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