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Top Secret Remote-Viewing, a Man Named Pat Price, and Claims of Underground Alien Bases: Wild!

Such were Pat Price's skills when it came to the matter of remote-viewing, in 1973 Price was brought into an elite fold, one which, at the time, was overseen by the CIA. He was specifically brought into the Office of Technical Services and its Office of Research and Development. The goal was to have Price do his utmost to try and penetrate some of the most guarded secrets of the former Soviet Union. If Price could access top secret files, papers and documents created by the Russian government and military – the reasoning went – in theory the U.S. government might be able to dispense of its "secret agents" and, instead, have a near-army of psychic spies – watching the enemy via the power of the human mind. One of the CIA’s first operations was to have Price try and remote a domestic target. Namely, a classified installation run by the National Security Agency. Such were Price's powers, he quickly – and in an extraordinary fashion – identified the facility exactly for what it was. In the immediate wake of the successful operation, the CIA prepared the following summary, not just for itself, but for the NSA's staff too. It didn't take long for voluminous files to be created and carefully, and quietly, studied.

National Archives e1632169817150
(Nick Redfern) Endless files

The CIA stated: "Pat Price, who had no military or intelligence background, provided a list of project titles associated with current and past activities including one of extreme sensitivity. Also, the codename of the site was provided. Other information concerning the physical layout of the site was accurate." It wasn’t long at all before Price found himself engaged in a number of perilous situations and investigations of overseas agencies, intelligence- and military-based operations for the CIA. For example, on a number of occasions Price was ordered to target various Soviet embassies and military bases of Libya. In 1974, there was an unforeseen – but amazing – development in the life and secret career of Pat Price. He was given the task of remote-viewing Alaska’s Mount Hayes. Given the fact that the CIA's remote-viewing project was designed to spy on foreign, and potentially dangerous, overseas nations, one has to wonder why the CIA would be spying on the United States. There was actually a very good reason as to why the CIA initiated this particular project. It was an incredible reason, too.

Upon remote-viewing the huge Mount Hayes, Price "saw" something incredible and mind-blowing: it was nothing less than a huge installation – buried deep within the heart of the mountain and run by nothing less than a vast extraterrestrial race. Not only that, the aliens looked very much like us. The only differences being that the eyes of the ETs were slightly different to ours, as were their internal organs. The fact that the CIA had ordered Price to remote-view Mount Hayes suggests that agency spies had prior knowledge of what was going on deep within the dark depths of the massive mountain. How, precisely, the CIA knew what was afoot is a matter that has never been resolved. The CIA keeps its secrets close to its chest, which is perfectly understandable.

keep out top secret places governments dont want you to know about
(Nick Redfern) Secret Underground Bases "Viewed" by the CIA?

Now, we come to the most disturbing aspect of this particular, X-Files-type situation. Namely, that the more and more Price dug into the heart of the mountain - so to speak – and became more and more obsessed by the secret presence of this extraterrestrial race, he came to suspect that the aliens had the ability to manipulate us by what he described as "thought transfer for motor control of us." In other words, mind-control. Matters didn’t end there, though. To his concern – and, admittedly, to his fascination – Price told his CIA handlers that he had uncovered nothing less than three more extraterrestrial bases in hidden in mountainous locations. They were Australia's Mount Ziel, Mount Perdido in the Pyrenees Mountains, and Zimbabwe's Mount Inyangani. Quite understandably, this was all very deeply concerning to the CIA. The stark reality seemed to be that potentially very dangerous aliens were living under the surface of our planet and were manipulating our minds for reasons that the CIA had yet to fathom. The whole thing worried Price and his colleagues in the CIA.

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