Mar 09, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

UFO Over Ukraine Reportedly Attacks Russian Tanks While Other UFOs Recorded Over Russia

In a recent story, an ‘expert’ in extraterrestrials and UFOs suggested the reason Russia invaded Ukraine was to get possession of an “alien space ark” whose existence would be confirmed when it rose from its underground hiding place and flew into the air. As of this writing, that event hasn’t been reported by mainstream or military news or social media. However, there have been a number of UFO sightings which have been reported and recorded – including one where the UFO appeared to engage in battle with Russian tanks. Are aliens, as one site suggests, attempting to prevent a nuclear war that would not only affect Earth but the rest of the solar system? Or are these just the usual visuals of aerial battles by unknown or secret planes and drones in smoky darkness that makes them UFOs?

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Clouds or spaceship?

"He said, 'There's some miracle that happened. It looked like an attack (on the Russians) from a spaceship. There was some kind of lightning shooting from the sky.' And sparks were spreading everywhere."

This account was relayed to CBN News by its Ukraine director, Kostyantine Lytvynenko, who received it from a the father of a Ukrainian soldier who called to say he and his troops were in a desperate and seemingly losing battle. While the soldiers on the scene called it help from a “spaceship,” the news director left it open to “divine intervention” as well. Or both – there are many who support the idea that many “miracles” in religious texts could have been alien encounters.

Or pareidolia – there have a number of reports of clouds in the shape of angels or deities, as in this tweet (see it here). Sightings like the green orb in this video said to from Kyiv had some people speculating on the answer to an often-asked question – why don’t the aliens intervene or save us. An interesting respondent gives an answer from the ET’s perspective:

“Often you ask our operator the following question: "why are these extraterrestrials not intervening to solve our age problems?". We ask you: according to you, earthly, how should we intervene? Do you force yourself to accept our scientific, social, moral and religious values? Truthly, tell us: what would your reactions be if we do this, thus violenting your freedom, your free will? By doing it, we would like to know if you would believe us better or worse than you, used as you are to coercing, violent, impose political and economic interests for egoistic and blaspical purposes. We would like to know!” (Google translation)

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Would you take a cow instead?

We saved you … now you must follow our teachings/leadership/religion. How often in our history have humans done the same to other humans? Ukraine is not alone in the UFO sighting – a UFO recorded over St. Petersburg (watch it here) was said by the witness to be too fast and too bright to be a helicopter. Another unidentifiable wartime ship or something else? Another over Omsk was cigar-shaped and one in an unidentified area appeared to be triangular. A secret Russian jet? The U.S. can’t be the only country with triangular aircraft – can it?

How long before we see Tic Tacs over Ukraine or Russia?

These sightings should remind us how terrible wartime is – when people wish for alien intervention and even hope to see crafts from another planet rather than those of the enemy. Would we really be ready to trade our humanity for help from extraterrestrials?

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Whose flag will they fly?

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