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Ukrainian UFOs, Furry Snake, Strange Oklahoma Sounds and More Mysterious News Briefly — March 7, 2022

Mysterious News Briefly — March 7, 2022

A bizarre 2ft-long snake covered with what appeared to be fur or moss that was discovered in Sakhon Nakhon province, Thailand, has been identified as a skull snake (Homalopsis Buccata), also known as Linne's Water Snake, and the fur is actually moss that attached to the slow-moving reptile and will stay there until it molts. It’s a good thing this doesn’t happen to humans or we’d be a world of Moss Men.

Archeologists from Mansoura University Vertebrate Paleontology Center found the oldest fossils of Egyptian cobra ancestors, dating back 37 million years to the Eocene Epoch, in the Fayoum Depression in Egypt, an area once covered in tropical rainforest. It’s fitting that the earliest cobra fossils were discovered there since Egypt and snakes go hand in … you get the idea.

DNA testing on 45 pet food products from 16 brands produced in Singapore found multiple vulnerable or endangered species in the ingredients list, including endangered shark species. Do we really need to feed endangered species to animals that will eat anything that falls on the floor?

The rocket that no one would claim ownership of finally hit the Moon on March 4  somewhat near the naturally formed 354-mile-wide (570 kilometers) Hertzsprung Crater on the far side, but it could take weeks or months for the small crater made by the impact to be found by orbiting satellites. A good way to determine who owned it is to see who says “No hurry” most often.

The Neurosurgical Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Learning Centre at Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital had 70 medical students perform virtual brain tumor removals on a neurosurgical simulator and found that the students who received their instructions from an AI tutor learned surgical skills 2.6 times faster and achieved 36% better performance compared to those who received instruction and feedback from remote human instructors. Would you let your brain be operated on by a doctor whose medical degree was from Nintendo?

An elderly man in China has been diagnosed with the extremely rare “crocodile tear syndrome” which causes him to cry uncontrollably while eating – a condition he got while recovering from facial paralysis which caused his salivation nerves to get mixed up with tear glands … fortunately, the condition was fixed with surgery. If you cry while eating and you never had facial paralysis, it’s time to buy your spouse a new cookbook.

Residents of Luther, Oklahoma, want to know what is causing the mysterious shrill, piercing screech that has been going nightly on for weeks yet no one seems to know what the sound is or how to stop it. Has anyone checked for a mysterious gentleman selling ‘guaranteed anti-screech ear plugs’?

Arachnid experts re warning that the entire East Coast of the U.S. may soon be invaded by giant Joro spiders – better known as parachuting spiders because of their unique ability as hatchlings to use webs to catch the wind and fly to new locations. They’re multicolored, 3-inches across and harmless – which means movie producers can’t decide if ‘Joro the Parachuter’ will be a hero or a villain.

A number of Ukrainians are posting videos of UFOs and strange sky anomalies they say can’t be explained by bombs, rockets or planes – some suggest they’re aliens monitoring the situation. They don’t seem to be getting involved – do they prefer sanctions too?

Australian mining company Fortescue and UK-based Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) are working together to develop an ‘infinity train’ that runs on batteries recharged by gravitational energy from the heavy iron ore load cars going downhill that they claim will give the train sufficient power to go back uphill without the need for diesel fuel. It’s the love child of the Little Engine That Could and the Energizer Bunny.

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