Apr 02, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

'Moving' Haunted Doll Captured on Security Camera

Let’s face it – many dolls that were around before the first Barbie doll (1959) look creepy … and get creepier as they age. A couple in England received a creepy Victorian doll that they should have suspected was more than just creepy because one eye was a different color than the other. Sure enough, a security camera monitoring the room where they kept the doll caught it seemingly ending over at the waist but not falling over. Was it haunted, on a non-level floor, tied to an invisible line … or something else?

Do dolls have nightmares about haunted dolls?

"This particular doll didn't come to us as haunted. People sent it but didn't particularly tell us what [had happened with her]. Usually they'll leave us notes but with this doll, it was nothing. It was a mystery. We went in on Friday and we both noticed that doll propped forward. I said 'let's just check CCTV'.”

As you may have guessed from that comment in a Tyla interview, Linzi Steer and her husband Lee are collectors of weird dolls and have a CCTV camera pointed at their collection in case one decided to cross over from strange to haunted. That’s what happened recently at their haunted objects museum in Rotherham, England. The couple has run it for 20 years along with conducting paranormal investigations and operating the ‘Project reveal - Ghosts of Britain’ Facebook page, so they should know their haunted objects … and this one has all of the characteristics of a haunted doll. (Photos here and video here.)

"It was propped like that. If it was a natural fall it'd have gone on the floor, but it didn't. The way she was positioned defies gravity. That doll is actually heavy and it was leant at an angle. This footage is the first time we've caught something moving on camera at the museum - it baffles me. I'm actually skeptical but I can't explain it."

Of course, being a good paranormal investigator, Linzi give a possible explanation anyway. The old building housing the museum previously belonged to three miners and many unnamed other people before that, but two strange historical facts have been passed down – there were two children badly neglected in the house at one time, and “There is documentation of another child that was burnt and scolded to death." Some non-skeptical comments on the video say the doll looks like it’s being hugged by an invisible entity (a child?) and the head and arm movements operate like real body joints.

The Steers’ collection of dolls numbers over 200 and date back to the 1800s, but husband Lee says this one is the creepiest.

"I've been doing this for over 20 years and I've never seen anything like that. It definitely shocked me."

It didn't scare me.

The couple is better known for their ghost-hunting, which they stream for their ‘Project reveal - Ghosts of Britain’ Facebook page. Earlier this month, they were in an alleged haunted jail in Inveraray, Scotland, when they photographed what each claimed was their clearest ghost photo ever. Being good haunted museum owners, the Steers are prone to superlatives – they say their collection holds “five of the top 10 most haunted items to ever exist” – a claim you can check out for yourself as the museum is open to paranormal investigators.

The Steers have named it ‘Clarissa’ and are devoting plenty of time to it on their Facebook page, where you can attempt to answer the question for yourself -- is their falling doll haunted or just gravity-challenged?

Paul Seaburn
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