Apr 29, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Anti-Malware Amulets, Headless Penguins, Lunar Crime and More Mysterious News Briefly

People in Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi reported seeing an exceptionally bright meteor in the sky after hearing loud booms on 4/27 -- NASA’s Meteoroid Environments Office confirmed it was a bolide that traveled southwest at a speed of 55,000 miles per hour before disintegrating about 34 miles above a swampy area in Louisiana. Isn’t Louisiana the French word for “swampy area”?

A study published in the journal Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences simulated a six-person extended mission to Mars involving a 480-day stay on the planet's surface before returning to Earth and found that a solar power system would weigh less than a nuclear system and would be sufficient to power a colony at sites over nearly half the surface. Not to mention no chance of Martian protesters.

With mask mandates ending and used and unused masks piling up, a Washington State University research team showed that incorporating old masks into a cement mixture resulted in a building material that was 47% stronger than common cement after a month of curing. Is this concrete evidence that masks work?

Marine biologists in Australia have launched an investigation into why dozens of headless penguins and their severed heads are washing up on beaches surrounding Fleurieu Peninsula – preliminary findings have ruled out human intervention as a cause. While awaiting the results of the investigation, avoid those beaches while wearing a tuxedo.

An amateur treasure hunter in Basel-Landschaft in northern Switzerland found a buried clay pot filled with 1,290 Roman coins dating to the fourth century C.E. that were mysteriously divided into two groups with a piece of cowhide. Was it an early cash register? (Ask your grandpa to explain coins and cash registers.)

MIT researchers have developed a portable solar-powered desalination unit weighing less than 22 pounds (10 kg) that instantly remove particles and salts to generate clean drinking water without expensive filters that need to be replaced regularly. We’ll really be impressed if it also turns margaritas back into fruit juice.

Kanda Myojin, a popular Shinto shrine in Tokyo, sells a “computer function amulet” which it promises will keep computers from freezing and restarting randomly and prevent viruses and malware. That long line outside the unemployment office is Microsoft engineers.

A new study published in Scientific Reports tracked 18 dog breeds recognized by the Kennel Club and a group of crossbreed dogs and found that Jack Russell Terriers had the highest life expectancy (12.72 years), followed by Yorkshire Terriers (12.54 years), while Pugs had the lowest (7.65 years). Is it because Jack Russell’s have a better face for blowing out birthday cake candles?

A proposed amendment to the Canadian Criminal Code states that Canadian astronauts who commit a crime on the Moon will be charged the same way as if it was committed in Canada. Minutes after the proposed amendment was announced, lawyers were advertising on TV that “If you’ve been charged with a crime on the Moon … call me.”

Mexican police who found a pile of about 150 skulls in a cave near the Guatemalan border thought they were looking at a crime scene, but after ten years of investigation it was determined that the skulls were from sacrificial victims killed between 900 CE and 1200 CE and put on display on a tzompantli – a macabre trophy rack. Ten years? Good luck waiting for those police to find who stole your car.

Paul Seaburn

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