Apr 07, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Expert Claims Buried Space Ark is Causing Antarctica Heat Wave

When asked what could be the cause of the warming in Antarctica that is resulting in massive ice shelves breaking off, temperatures rising in the waters, unusual melting on the surface and other troubling conditions, conventional scientists generally point to manmade climate change. Meanwhile, some unconventional scientists and researchers have different ideas. Case in point – Dr. Michael Salla, an extraterrestrial investigator and the founder of the Exopolitics Institute. In a recent article on exopolitics.org, Salla offered this proposal about the recent heatwave affecting East Antarctica.

“While meteorologists struggle to give a conventional explanation, they admit to being baffled by what is happening. There is another non-conventional explanation for what is driving the heatwave in east Antarctica — a space ark buried under the Vostok region that has begun activating!”

Are your feet getting hot? 

Wait … what? A space ark? For some of you, that term may sound familiar. At the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Salla claimed there is (or was) a space ark buried under Oleshky Sands National Nature Park 25 km (15 miles) east of Kherson in a highly secure desert-like area. His human military source ‘JP’ told him of other space arks on Earth and on the Moon and Mars, but the one in Ukraine was a target of Russian troops who already had one, which gave them the knowledge to fly the ark buried in Ukraine once they gained control of the area. Do you remember seeing it on the news? Me neither. That either means Russian troops never found it or it doesn’t exist. That didn’t stop Salla from looking for other space arks. Another human source pointed him to the Lake Vostok area of Antarctica.

“The structures under Lake Vostok were known from a long time by your scientists working in the secret programs. The Earth Alliance knew, and it was the bait to bring financial elites down to Antarctica for the last meeting. They never saw the Arks, they were never taken there. But this is another story. The ark under Vostok Lake is part of a much larger structure of halls and temples. A powerful pyramid generator is also there. None could activate it. Yet.”

Salla claims that information came from his extraterrestrial source -- Thor Han Eredyon, an alleged Galactic Federation pilot who speaks telepathically to Salla. Thor continued:

“Now, the ice is melting, to reveal in plain sight the secrets we liberated, for you.”

According to Salla, ‘JP’ confirmed that the space arks emit huge amounts of heat when they activate, and that is what is happening to the one in the Lake Vostok area, thus heating up all of East Antarctica. Salla claims his friend Elena Danaan and other humans have been taken to Antarctica and witnessed the ark activating. Salla also gives as supporting evidence an anomaly a large magnetic anomaly discovered at one corner of Lake Vostok in 2001. And he manages to link in Draco Reptilians and Hitler’s Nazis as humans and aliens associated with the Antarctic space ark.

That’s a lot of alleged assumptions and alien and non-scientific dots to connect, isn’t it? Not for Salla.

“The record temperatures in East Antarctica recently reported by the Washington Post suggest the heating up process caused by the activating ark(s) is unstoppable. It therefore is only a matter of time before the world will be confronted by indisputable physical evidence of an ancient Atlantean civilization buried under Antarctica, and the existence of large space arks buried in Antarctica and other locations around the planet.”

Could the heat of a giant buried space ship really cause climate change?

If a space ark is responsible for rising temperatures in Antarctica, what about the rest of the world? And what happened to the space ark in Ukraine? If, as Salla claims, the US government and military are aware of them, why aren’t they coordinating efforts to retrieve them?

It’s going to take a lot of real evidence to push the needle of the Skeptical Meter out of the ‘Too unconventional to believe’ quadrant on this one.

Paul Seaburn

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