Apr 30, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Haunted Doll Collection Empties Apartment Building

How close would you get to an alleged haunted doll? Close enough to touch it? In the same room? The same building? That’s too close for some apartment renters in England who are moving out after discovering another tenant has a large haunted doll collection. The landlord isn’t stopping them – is he under the control of the dolls?

“I’m Suzumiya, a full time Artist from England. I turn my sad souls and skellies into apparel, accessories and artwork. I run this all by myself & I really hope you enjoy my dark corner of the internet!”

It’s not like Suzumiya tries to hide her dolls – she’s an artist who makes and sells all kinds of dolls on her website. However, those aren’t the ones causing the apartment problems – the haunted dolls are promoted on the TikTok page she runs under @soulmori. It’s there where she shows videos of them seemingly blinking on their own, moving their heads and looking just plain creepy – whether viewed individually or on shelf after shelf in her apartment.

"In passings by, a few people have mentioned 'Hey, have you experienced anything weird here?’”

Define "weird."

Soulmori or Suzumiya has experienced plenty. In a Newsweek article, she explains it began not with a possessed doll but a ghost named "Gilbert" who haunted her family home. Gilbert’s influence led her to start collecting haunted dolls in her own apartment – including one named Gilbert who was her first. Coincidence?

"I do everything I can to contain it to my apartment. I kindly ask the spirits 'please do not bother anybody else,' but I am aware that there is only a certain level of control I have over the spirits and what they choose to do."

She describes dolls named Gloria, a clown, Celela, Cynthia, Marabelle, the one whose eyes move by themselves, and a cursed Raggedy Ann doll. Named Annabelle? Soulmori doesn’t say, but her TikTok page has plenty more videos and stories about her haunted doll collection. It’s there she claims Marabelle "is a friendly benevolent spirit" who only blinks "when she’s happy.”

“Now, I am aware I made the apartment haunted by collecting all of these haunted objects.  And yes, the neighbors have recognized the paranormal activity that radiates from my apartment."

Not only have they “recognized the paranormal activity,” they appear to be moving out because of it. According to Newsweek, the flats all around here are empty. Now, most apartment dwellers who cause their neighbors to move out because of loud music, bad food smells and the like would expect a knock at the door from the landlord or an eviction notice, but Soulmori claims they can’t prove that all the vacant apartments are due to the paranormal activity. Really? Did the landlord try asking them?

Too late?

"Sorry if I made you move out. My bad."

Just in case, Soulmori issued a blanket apology on TikTok and says she’s looking for a house. What will she say to the mayor when an entire city block – except for her house – goes up for sale? Oops ... I did it again?

Is Marabelle winking?

Paul Seaburn

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